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Armor Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets with armor

By Jorge babPublished about a year ago 3 min read

From the manufacturer Motorcycle Wear, we reviewed the collaborators of the motorcycle channel FTX, one of its most valued products, motorcycle jackets with armour. Made with very good materials, designed to be aesthetically appropriate, comfortable and adaptable to fit the body while protecting the consumer from cold, rain and even light impacts.

FTX Motorcycle Wear is a British brand specializing in the manufacture of motorcycle jackets. Its products offer high-quality standards at unbeatable prices in the market. Its pieces enjoy a waste of elegance that stylizes the figure of those who wear them, in addition to guaranteeing the safety and comfort of speed lovers on two wheels.

The FTX motorcycle jacket with armour is one of the most striking models of the brand due to its wide range of benefits, ranging from a resistant and durable design to ventilation mechanisms and, of course, its ability to neutralize product moisture. From rains and adverse weather conditions.

This motorcycle jacket is of a quality style with a design that includes Aqua Dry technology which makes this piece fully breathable and ready for rainwater because it is waterproof. Waterproofing is the most relevant feature of this sensational product from the manufacturer FTX Motorcycle Wear, in addition to its resistance against tearing the piece due to falls or friction. It is a well-appointed piece with two small pockets inside the waterproof armour motorcycle jacket and two large pockets outside for convenience. It also has two front and two rear zippers to ventilate and circulate air to keep it fresh. We see two adjustable velcro straps on each arm and flexible zones in the elbow area. The protective part of the back could not be missing, which is a foaming tablet that is fully removable.

This piece can be adjusted at the waist and has a zip to attach to the pants. And to make this product even more interesting, the waterproof motorcycle jacket with armour also has removable armour on the elbows and shoulders, plus adjustable velcro on the neck.

It comes in light grey, dark blue and black on the sleeves and sides. The adjustable ones, as can be seen in the photo, are orange. The adjustable ones in all the parts of the jacket allow the adaptability to be complete and protect the body. Both for cold weather in fall and winter and hot weather in spring and summer.

This jacket comes in 6 sizes, a nice detail is that this piece has reflective printing along the entire external surface. Definitely an excellent value for money in finishes.

Technical Specifications

• The FTX Motorcycle Wear waterproof jacket is made of 600D Cordura polyester, a highly resistant material whose ability to protect against tears and abrasions has been certified.

• It has 100% waterproof material, thanks to its Aqua Dry technology.

• Built-in thermal lining maintains a pleasant temperature during the motorcycle tour.

• Reflective material in the front and behind areas of the jacket.

• High-density foam protector attached to the back. This protector is removable.

• Removable high-density foam rubber protector located on the shoulders.

• YKK zippers, special to prevent water from penetrating the main layer of the jacket.

FTX Motorcycle Wear is based on Aqua Dry technology that keeps the inside of the garment dry, even if the rider faces adverse weather conditions. The collar of the jacket has a neoprene-based lining that makes it waterproof. Additionally, it has velcro closures in strategic places, such as the wrists, to prevent the passage of water in case of rain.

The motorcyclist's safety is a priority for the manufacturers of this jacket since it is made with highly abrasion-resistant material. It has high-density foam-based protections on the back, shoulders and elbows, so your body will be more protected if you suffer a collision. The best thing about Jet Motorcycle Wear is that its protections are removable so that you can use the jacket on any occasion.

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