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Their contribution to the future of humanity!

"YouTube is changing its community guidelines to ban videos promoting the superiority of any group as a justification for discrimination against others based on their age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status, the company said today. The move, which will result in the removal of all videos promoting Nazism and other discriminatory ideologies, is expected to result in the removal of thousands of channels across YouTube."The Verge

Despite Youtube being a corporation, it does not, should not, just because it can.

PREVENT THE FLOW OF HORRIBLE IDEAS, OFFENSIVE or OBSCENE information. In civilizations throughout history, when groups were forced underground due to authoritarianism, they would always rise again with more power, effective rhetoric, and a paradoxical popularity among those who had become the next victims of an Aristocratic Ruling Elite, Theological Ruling Elite, or even a Socialist Democracy.

Today we are witnessing a cultural, spiritual, moral, and social paradigm shift and it may spell disaster for future generations.

Before your knees hit you in the chin, hear me out.

I am a very astute, freelance OSINT research analyst. That is Open Source Intelligence Analyst. Popular Youtube Channels, which by contract I cannot name and wouldn't anyway, pay me to provide my unique services to them so that they may scale an edge above their competition. Today, my services are increasingly becoming more and more popular due to the crackdown of what is, without a doubt, FREE SPEECH. You cannot debate it, you can't even manipulate it. The Founding Fathers were very explicit and overtly honest about why freedom of speech is the second most import Amendment and the first right in the Bill of Rights. The first is right to keep and bare arms of the same style, effectiveness, and size as the Government. I will not go into a Constitutional Law lesson here. The point is thus, when even businesses get into the governance or the citizens of their host state, they also take on a responsibility not to change the laws to suit them; yet instead, help to preserve the laws which protect the people they employ, serve, and profit.

Youtube, Twitter, all social media platforms taking it upon themselves to define hate speech is in no way beneficial, even to those it is meant to protect. However strong one's delusion is that these corporations are striving to protect the user in some way. I believe that a countless number of legal precedents, accurate whistleblowers, and old, accurate news serves as testimony to this very observation.

By banning those who others fall short of agreeing with to outright hating those same targets, Youtube is only serving to increase the rate at which the popularity of these minuscule factions will grow into a true minority; then, as we witnessed in Germany after the failed attempted coup by Hitler and Gerhing, they will accelerate in their ability to captivate the people who began becoming the targets of a never-ending barrage of malcontent identitarians.

By allowing your emotions to rule you, then those who rule you to illicit them, then to exploit them to their own gain, you jeopardize the future of not only your cultural beliefs, your values, you religion, but also your true future. Your children and theirs. They will be the ones who experience the rise of more radical, extreme groups, both from what people call the far left and far right—I like to call them "Societal Exiles," misfits forced into a situation due to seemingly small and insignificant policy changes and laws.

By also targeting those who lie on the edge, an excursion to the edge with a bad joke or offbeat remark, you place them into the perfect breeding ground of radicalization. You push them out of society, most of the people that become homegrown terrorists were indoctrinated due to the circumstances they were thrown into by those "TRYING TO HELP." Remember all of the shows and stories about how, "if we just could have changed this one moment in their childhood or young adulthood, then we could have prevented [full in the blank]?" I truly want you to search your memory palace and then begin correlating events such as this to historical moments and what have risen to the flash points.

I am not here to service an agenda, I do not have one which results in me caring what happens in this life. My reward is in the next. So I come to you with a genuine respect for your:


I understand things better than around 96 percent of Americans. This is not an overstatement nor a fantasy of believing myself to be more intelligent than I am. I have a document called a MENSA IQ Score to prove this. I do not have a long initials after my name, I do not want them. What I want to do is help you, help the persons you despise, help those they despise and so on. I have three futures. I do not wish any of the three to experience even a fraction of what I know is coming as a result of changes to policies like we continue to see.

Think of it this way: You get along with a lot of people that you have minor differences of opinions with relating to topics within your own social circles. Now, remove all the people outside of that social circle. You know the ones who defacto decided you would be a part of that specific social circle, whether you know it or not. Now, what happens after you have created this environment where the only opinions or facts you disagree with are coming from within your own circle?

I am going to leave it right there because, although I could tell you with certainty, you would fail to hear me. So you must explore this for yourself as a thought experiment; and once you are able to make your own decision, it is yours and you will fight for it. This is why making things appear as choices made, but are actually the results of manipulations such as a two party system or a media dominated by like seven people, work so well in manipulating you into believing many things that just are not true.



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