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Youth Empowerment

The world is seeing an increase of youth taking major leadership roles throughout the world

By Lachlan MitchellPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

The youth of today are standing up for what’s right in the world whether it be marriage equality or women’s equality in the workplace. The generation of today are taking steps in the right direction to make sure the world they and their kids will grow up in is a fair and just one for everyone. With the increase of youth stepping up in society it comes as no surprise that the youth of today and young adults are stepping out in society and securing the top places in government and gaining popularity with the population of their country to become prime minister/president of their respective countries.

Thursday the 19th of October saw Jacinta Arden become the youngest female prime minister of New Zealand in a iconic move for both the youth and the women’s rights in the world. A move like this (to tick off two major barriers in the world we live in today) would not have been possible in previous generations. To see an act of support and belief in a democratic New Zealand government shows not only do women and youth shake the stereotype of the “winging” generation, but a generation which acts and stands up to injustices and are making changes in the world by making themselves known and taking actions to change the future.

The younger generation taking leadership positions throughout the world, comes as a welcome change to an otherwise older boys club which have plagued society and minds for too long. Throughout society most leaders have been well past 50, but in saying that some leaders have been respected and made changes for good rather than bad. But in the current society it’s important to keep up with the youth and the next generation of young adults coming into the world who will lead with their minds and thoughts, the next wave of working class citizens that are fairer and just for every individual.

The term used as “experience” is often misused and can be a negative rather than a positive. Older generations leading countries can often be filled with experiences making their next move for their country based on what they’ve experienced which often has its positives and negatives, but the younger generation often more educated but less experienced due to life span can make choices and decisions based on the cultural climate and society that they grew up on. For older leaders growing up in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the society back then and the society today has changed more drastically than anyone could have predicted. The youth of today know the education system, the public transport infrastructure, the value of the dollar in the respective countries, and how far the dollar can go.

The current generation is influenced by what they see on Facebook and Twitter which can be a marketer’s paradise or a burn to society’s face-to-face communication. The younger leaders of today grew up in a technological paradise and the internet, with it being a much more scaled down enterprise than what it is now. The use of Facebook and Twitter and other social media can provide a strong tool to reach out to the younger generations and make them feel like they have a voice and a place in a society; most thought politics and the government were just a boring waste of time for the old bald men. Seeing youth in politics gives today’s youth a voice by pointing the world in the right direction and involving people who will pave the way for tomorrow will be a brighter future.

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