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You Be the Judge...

by Xena Warrior 3 years ago in supreme court



*Rubs temple with fingers*

Okay, there's no avoiding this topic anymore. I've gotten in way too deep, spent way too much time watching videos, reading articles, and seeing what each side had to say.

Let's talk about Brett Kavanaugh.

*Contorts with revulsion* Ugh.

It's difficult to explain my thoughts on this matter without referring to how it relates to me, personally.

First of all, I've lost count of how many women I've encountered who have been sexually assaulted. Not just assaulted, but had family and friends that did not believe them when they spoke up about it. That, in itself, is... I don't know if I can quite pinpoint the adjective for it. Despicable is one that comes up... Sad... to not have your own family believe that something so devastating happened to you and to be invalidated in a way that makes you feel small and helpless ONCE AGAIN. Because feeling helpless is one of the emotions that go through a person as they are assaulted.

This isn't one of those #MeToo stories. I've never been raped, thank God. Yes, I have experienced sexual misconduct in the workplace, and I did have a skeezy teacher who rubbed his finger up and down my arm while giving me the eye, but no, I have never had a man force himself on me, remove my clothing, keep me silent, and proceed to enter me. I am one of the FEW women who have NOT been sexually assaulted.

Having said that, I believe there ARE fabricated stories said against men by malicious women. That is why it is so difficult for REAL victims to come forward, because of piece of shit bitches who either want revenge or spotlight. To you I say, "May there be a real life version of Veritaserum which you choke on every morning with your morning fat free latte... and FUCK. YOU."

It's because of false accusations IN THE PAST BY OTHER WOMEN that Ford's claims are being called a "sham." Not only that, to Republicans, another thing which makes this entire situation a "charade" is the amount of time that has gone by since the alleged incident. What's disturbing, and John Oliver was the one to make this point, is that it's seeming like Republicans are saying, "Oh, we believe you... we just don't care." Because in their minds, this happened during Kavanauh's "teenage years."

Let's talk about that.

This man is having an "interview"—which come on, this is a publicized pretrial—to be a JUDGE. Everyone's been focusing on how it's for the "highest court in the land," but can we focus on something far more simple? Republican representatives are saying that a person whose job is to interpret the law does not need to be held accountable for a law they (may) have broken because it was "36 years ago!" One of society's favorite phrases is "no one is above the law." However, claiming that time long passed since an incident has occurred is sufficient reason to disregard that incident is a BLATANT way of showing that they ARE above the law. Also, as long as they are making sure that OTHER PEOPLE are adhering to the law, they don't have to! That is the message that is being sent when people disregard a person's actions because it was so long ago.

To be honest, the rest of what I have to say is really no different from that of... ANY liberal comedian with a show. In fact, I'll shorten what I have to say to a few good points and leave links to all the best recaps:

"Devil's Triangle?""Drinking game."

Also, in case you missed it; here's the "interview" in its entirety:

Finally, I have to ask the same question as John Oliver: "Why this particular ass hole?" And to quote Michael Che: "You can't just pick another dude from your Illuminati Lizard Meetings?"

supreme court

Xena Warrior

If I have the power to change things, I will. "It is what it is" will not be a cop out.

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