World Peace

by Russell Brummer 2 years ago in activism

A Simple Formula

World Peace

War is good for nothing; all it does is cause more war. Violence is a disease, not an attribute.

Aggression can be an attribute, and there's nothing wrong with it. Peace is just giving aggression healthy outlets.

Socialize education already. Give people equal opportunity to earn privilege, and give credit where credit is due.

Inheritance keeps spoiled children in power. More than that, it makes insecure children turn into violent adults. Is it Palestine and Israel? Because I'm thinking any land is holy if you make it holy yourself. Arguments over who has the right to inherit what is the cause of so much pain; fighting for the right to receive a gift rather than working to earn something yourself.

Socialism means healthy competition between individuals, not companies. Capitalism has turned society into just two classes: owners and workers. We live in dark times. It's becoming harder and harder for a worker to work their way to being an owner.

Down with the patriarchy and down with the oligarchy!

People are capable of so much better. Socialize education and free the drug market. Freedom isn't free and we're a long ways from it. There's a lot of entitled people in the world who feel like they have the right to speak for people other than themselves. Republicans piss me off. Supposedly they believe in small government, but they love getting the government involved in something as personal as a medication choice. Prohibition causes crime and regulation is the future. There would be safer recreational drugs and cheaper medicinal drugs if the drug market was freed. It really is a crime to create a black market that funds real crime.

Keep drugs away from children and criminals, not rational adults. Some children never grow up. Some adults still feel like they need permission from another person before they can do anything.

First there were shamans, who did the drugs and gave the drugs. Now there are doctors, who supposedly only take what they need and only give people what they need. Then capitalism rears its ugly head. The worst thing about capitalism is the rape of the invalid by the greedy doctor who sells treatments rather than provides cures.

Trying to outlaw recreational drugs is foolhardy idealism that just makes everything worse. It would be overly idealist, today, to try to socialize everything. Ideally, people are governed by laws, not by people. These would be laws made by the people with the most experience in any field to measure work are reward success in that field of work.

Sometimes, the key to success is baby steps. First we work to socialize education, then all the rest. Because some children crave to better themselves and the world, and some parents would rather beat these children down then try to force their own child into a spot the child's not ready for. It's terribly cruel to pretend you can give something that you can't just to set the whole world up for failure.

Words run through my head: peace, love, respect, trust. What do they mean and how can I apply them to my life?

Peace is knowing when to let go and love is knowing when to hold on. Love is learning the song in a person's heart and singing it to them when they have forgotten. Peace is trusting the journey.

World peace is possible. I want to see the day when war becomes a memory and warriors become athletes; when peaceful co-existence evolves into aggressive collaboration.

It's really hard to love myself for both who I am and who I could be; love the world for both what it is and what it could be. But I can do hard things.

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