Will We Survive Operation COVID-19?

by Joella Terry 2 months ago in humanity

The same question that's on everyone mind.


One question that has been going around lately in every city and every household is will we survive the coronavirus epidemic? Are we going to be around for our next birthday the children may ask or will I be around to see my kids graduate some adults are wondering.

No-one actually knows. No-one person has all the correct answers to let you know whether we will survive this Epidemic. No one person can let you know whether we will be around to make it to the next year or to see our children's graduation. You have to believe that some good will soon come out of all this. It's a bright light and -NOT Heavens Light at the end of this Epidemic we are experiencing.

When this COVID-19 Epidemic started most of the United States Citizens were lead to believe the outbreak was created in China by the people of China because of the news in the media that it was investigated to have been tracked all the way back to a city named Wuhan, located in China. Now all of that sounds as about legit as it going to get from the Governments side of things but coming from a regular persons point of view I would like to clear up a few things thats been circling in the media over the last few weeks.

I'm not exactly sure on how this Epidemic has been able to spread throughout the entire nation in a matter of months or how it is killing thousands of people at a time but what I do know is that this Epidemic was all in the plan to control the worlds population, starting with China.

Since before the time I was old enough to really understand the ways of the world I knew the World would not be around forever the same as we know of it today. The News Media was the main cause of this. I always knew we wouldn't always be allowed to live peacefully under our Governments command. I also knew that we wouldn't be around forever and if we could, to make our marks early because we never knew when the world would actually come to an end. I mean "End" as in -No more Freedom not dying sense.

All this COVID-19 is, is a weapon designed to kill off as many americans as the Government possibly can without getting exposed to the public on their real intentions and if they do get exposed...if not by the right voice no one will listen anyway and nothing will be done. You have to know the truth and use it for your own health and well being.

Will We Survive the COVID-19?

That's totally up to YOU!

Joella Terry
Joella Terry
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