Why this year's presidential election is unlike any other

by Mark Lancaster 3 months ago in trump

This is not an election of Republican vs. Democrat

Why this year's presidential election is unlike any other

What makes America unique?

  • Is it our diversity?
  • Is it the constitution?
  • Is it economic opportunity?

It is, and always will be the underlying belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves to be FREE from tyranny.

That is why we declared independence, it is why we fought against the Axis powers, it is why the cold war lasted 50 years. And it is why, now, at this upcoming watershed moment in history, we should continue to fight tyranny.

When citizens of Boston threw hundreds of pounds of tea into the harbor, they were called rioters and looters. When the Sons of Liberty tarred and feathered British businessmen, they were called thugs and criminals. Their actions, however, were all in the purpose of fighting tyranny. They were fighting the "arbitrary use of power or control".

Obstructing justice, profiting from the presidency, solicitation of foreign interference, abuse of power, violating campaign finance, blatant Hatch Act violations; these crimes are typical of a tyrant.

Deploying unmarked police, indiscriminate arrests of protestors, advocating police violence, threatening violence against political opponents, declaring the free press as "the enemy of the people"; these actions are typical of a despot.

And for the last 4 years, Trump flagrantly commits them while pardoning those who helped along the way.

This presidential election, we are not voting Republican or Democrat.

Instead, we are voting pro-Trump or anti-Tyranny. We are voting for the foundational heart of our nation. We are voting for the integrity of our American beliefs. We are voting for or against a tyrannical despot who seeks to ignore the constitution and rule beyond his presidential terms.

I continually hear "I don't like Trump, but I cannot bring myself to vote Democrat".

I understand there is inner turmoil voting for a party that does not hold the same beliefs you do, but when it comes to the President of the United States of America, you shouldn't need to sacrifice all of your held spiritual, personal, and Republican ideals to cast a vote for a man who embodies none of them.

Republicans used to be the "moral majority". Keeping that in mind, I implore you to think about what the leader of the free world should look like. Is it Trump? The man who, other than committing these impeachable crimes, also:

  • Bragged about sexual harassment
  • Ridiculed someone with a disability
  • Wished a sexual trafficker "well"
  • Sees the 200,000 COVID dead as "it is what it is"
  • Committed adultery with porn stars
  • Cheated on his SATs
  • Undermines all scientific assessment on climate change
  • Asks Russian hackers if they could hack the US more
  • Ignored Putin's bounties on American soldiers
  • "Fell in love" with Kim Jung Un
  • Suggested that people use guns to kill Hillary Clinton
  • Openly disrespected John McCain and POWs
  • Tear-gassed protestors for a photo op
  • Rejected responsibility for a weak Covid response plan
  • Called soldiers in WWII and Vietnam "suckers" and "losers"

Are you ok with sacrificing your morality and dignity to vote for a man who so clearly cares little about the law and common human decency and maintains his power through lies, deceit, and demagoguery?

If you are, and you plan on voting for Trump even after everything he has done, then I regret to inform you that you are no better than those before who watched as evil men have come into power and destroyed that which we hold most dear. You are enabling tyranny and history will not suffer you.

Please take time to truly look at the state of our country from the most objective lens you can and then cast an informed and educated vote.

Mark Lancaster
Mark Lancaster
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