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Why this world never deserved BLK girls

by Nefarious Darrius 6 months ago in controversies · updated about a month ago
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I'm (just a smidge) biased.

Pic by Leroy Skalstad. Please show Love to this Brotha too. Much obliged, in advance.

5APR2022; 2011, TUE

It's 2Pac Tuesday in 2022; and to tarnish his memory even to this day: we still "Hate our women". Those are his infamous words on the late, great's "hood classic" of an ode to the Sistahs, "Keep Ya Head Up" ('93).

They seem even more relevant; if not all the more forgotten, during these Godforsaken days. I'd argue that even Pac himself strayed "just a tad" from those inspirational and pro-unification jams we'd come to expect from him; if not at least somewhat understandably.

Either which way, I'm not hoping to make this another of my music posts. So, before I lose my target audience and/or the mods, yet again, I dare to ask: Who all is even aware of "Child Q", as she's now known?

I'm sure that most Americans will presume that her narrative is somewhat related to the Q anon Coincidence Theory. Maybe in some of the most ancillary capacities; sure.

I'll quell the suspense now: Another girl of African descent completely and utterly violated, humiliated, demoralized, dehumanized, etc. "What a wonderful world..."

I have to thread the needle here, unfortunately. If I present the facts too cavalierly, it could encourage the anti-police sentiment that's starting to rapidly take root and spread like weeds.

If I'm too uncouth on the other end of the spectrum? That's what's known as "reverse racism"; for better or worse.

So, I'm sure this is more or less the epitome of the adage, "between a rock and a hard place." Tired cliches notwithstanding: How does something like this happen in a "relatively civilized, relatively European society"; as the now notorious CBS foreign correspondent so eloquently stated?

My new fav colloquialism for sitches like this one? "The math ain't mathing!"

As much as I was convinced that anti-Blackness is secretly latent, and intentionally so, in most of us? Jesus tap dancing Christ, if I'm not incredulously incensed!

Use whatever adjective that's seemingly appealing enough. Be it: livid, irate, enraged, fuming, etc.

My jab at CBS reminds me tho: Why's the American Lamestream media at least ostensibly mute in regards to the matter? Is "mum" really the word on the kind of vileness that is potentially odious enough to stop the world?

I ask these questions as a man actually drinking his roommate's last Jamaican ginger ale, without permission. All jokes aside, what in the actual [expletive] is this conundrum of a world that we're currently living in?

Maybe my zen is a bit off; tho the present doesn't seem entirely akin to a present. Color me a pessimist, if you must.

Conversely, one of my fav songs by a local, living legend was called "The Pessimist". Wale had one of his more famous, friendly rivals (J. Cole) harmonize the chorus/hook for that barely seven year old anthem of sorts.

They were lamenting on the plight of African Americans, while at least debatably attempting to encourage us to, "Be the change..." I'd wager that historians will conclude that their advice largely fell on deaf ears; for a spell, anyways.

Now, I believe the world to be at a crossroads, in a sense. We can either protect the innocence of all our daughters; Black, White, or Other. Alternatively, we can continue to fight amongst ourselves, and embrace humanity's rapid decline into oblivion.

The palpable irony that I absolutely adored a video game called "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" in my adolescence, and briefly in my adulthood, isn't lost on me. Neither is the fact that I have two Pretty Precious Princesses, whom I Love more than anything; and who I'd ideally like to protect til long after they're well equipped to handle their own in this uber maddening world.

Will I succeed, or even be able to make a valiant effort? Not if mankind continues to view girls like them and Child Q as if they were the excrement of a certain deceased, tho living in infamy gorilla.

1,030 perished African migrants, feasibly majority women and children, be damned...



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