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Why 'Sleepy Joe Biden' Is The Most Radical President Of Modern Times

by Adebayo Adeniran about a year ago in president
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The strange paradox of Joe Biden's presidency.

Markus Spiske via Unsplash

Although British by birth, I have been a student of American politics, my entire life. And I was profoundly disappointed that my preferred candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders was swatted in the democratic primaries like he didn't exist by politician that I didn't have the greatest respect for - Joseph Biden. In Britain, Biden, up until then, was best known for his speech plagiarizing a British politician's words, during his failed presidential bid in 1988.


For me, Joe Biden, like his former boss,was the face of the moderate republican wing of the Democratic party - perpetually respectful and mindful of conservative sensibilities - much to the detriment of issues, such as progressive taxation, universal healthcare, defunding the police, reparations for African Americans and fighting for working families throughout the union.

Going into a general election in November against the most polarizing and racist politician of recent times in Donald Trump, whose carelessness, callousness and all round incompetence led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands from the dreaded virus, meant that it was absolutely imperative that the progressives got behind 'sleepy Joe' regardless of the ideological schisms in the democratic party - thankfully, they all did, and Trump was defenestrated in the extraordinary way, imaginable on the 7th of November 2020, when the results of Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania were confirmed.

Given that he had run on the platform of moderation - unifying the nation, pledging to heal the wounds, inflicted by four years of Trump, expectations weren't exactly high from the progressives on what to expect from the oldest man ever elected to the most powerful position in the world.

What's happened subsequently, should be studied by all center left parties and left wing parties, the world over, hoping to attain power.

The signing into law, of the $1.9 trillion Covid package - demonstrating his administration's ambition and intent - an edict that sees over a hundred million Americans receiving $1,400 check, cutting child poverty by 50%, increasing the incomes of the poorest by 20% and above all else, directing $4 billion to African American farmers - something that Lindsey Graham, the republican senator has described as 'reparations', is nothing short of radical.

Compare this to 2009, when Barack Obama, his former boss, signed into law the $800 billion relief package, Obama had the filibuster in senate and in the house of reps and all he did was summon the heads of the various heads of the investment banks,to a telling off, but not enacting any legislation of real reform. Suffice it to say that in the mid-terms elections of 2010, he paid very dearly at the polls, leading to the shellacking of the democrats, from which they've only just recovered.

Joe Biden, evidently, in his thirty six years in the senate and eight years as vice president, has learnt a great deal on politics and governing, perhaps more than any other occupant of the position of the President of the United States of America - and yes, that includes Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson.

His vast experience - has lent itself to the quality of decisions taken, thus far on immigration, Covid, race relations, foreign affairs and the economy.

The republican party, is being torn apart by those who feel that it has abandoned true republican principles and embraced the politics of the gutter and those who feel that Trumpism is here to stay and the sooner the party moved in his direction, the better.

This has only sought to embolden President Joe Biden and his agenda for America, which includes ensuring that by day 100 of his presidency, 200 million people are vaccinated. Already plans are being drawn up, on a green energy and an education bill which could cost the tax payers up to $3 trillion.

Not content with this, President Biden is also working on ensuring that the advantages that rural whites states have always enjoyed in America's skewed electoral college system are neutered by scrapping the filibuster and having the likes of DC and Puerto Rico converted to full states, and ensuring that it can vote for its own governors and senators.

President Joseph Robinette Biden has shown that it is possible to campaign in 'narcoleptic poetry and yet govern in the sweetest possible prose', by being careful in not alienating core voters, under promising,in adroitly out maneuvering your fanatical opponents and on winning power, setting out to be as radical as possible.

Even if his mental faculties aren't critically sharp enough to run in 2024, success in the moves that he is currently making, might be enough to see Kamala Harris elected in her own right as the democratic nominee and defeating the very best that the grand old party may have to offer - be it Nikki Haley or Donald Trump.

In Britain, our own Bernie Sanders - Jeremy Corbyn - was also badly beaten at the elections in December 2019, despite having the right arguments and the conservatives tearing themselves over Brexit, couldn't convince the British public and his core voters that he was the man to make a difference to our lives, could have learnt a thing or two off Biden.

Who would have thought that Biden, the same guy who humiliated Anita Hill, voted to oppose busing in the 1970s, who stereotyped Barack Obama would end up being the most radical president in American history, eclipsing the likes of FDR and LBJ?

The strange paradox of the political life of Joseph Robinette Biden.

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A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on a number of subjects

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