Why Are You Ranking: How Individualism and Capitalism Are the Only Antitoxins for Racism Listed from Powerful to Puissant

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In America and the world, the non-concept of racism ought to perish.

Why Are You Ranking: How Individualism and Capitalism Are the Only Antitoxins for Racism Listed from Powerful to Puissant
The circle of hands represents the only race: humanity.

Racism is stupid. On a ranking of the most unintellectual, base forms of collectivism, it ranks high. This pall of viciousness has fallen on both the victim and the perpetrator. On the one side, the victim identifies with his or her “race” and seeks to defend it. On the other, the perpetrator destroys the victim using non-scientific beliefs. The perpetrator continues on his or her path of destruction based on non-scientific beliefs and a corrupt mysticism related to skin color. African male and female specimens were different from European structure. Today, there are plenty of boxes besides race to check on an identification sheet. Muslim, Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, disabled, and other nonessentials all pile up like rush hour traffic collisions. But the one lasting idea that separates and has kept human beings from advancing is the pigment divide. Honest individuals, both melanin challenged and otherwise, feel that they have to tip toe around the subject so as to avoid being labeled a racist. Outright defenders of the thoughtless act of judging chemical makeup rather than character find alleged “pride” in their own skin. In blacks, they ascribe their own “intelligence” to the geniuses of George Washington Carver, Miles Davis, and Toni Morrison; while choosing to ignore the black morons at the other end of the intelligence bell curve. They fail to see that the long list of black morons have constituted the race as well. Since the days of slavery in the United States, the distinction that has been placed on people with a darker flesh and coarse hair would be laughable if the history of racism in this country had not been so horrific. Just for being a black man, an individual could be stripped, shot, stabbed, hanged, set on fire, and drawn and quartered. And that’s just a mob showing restraint. Not to mention the black women used as breeding stock by their owners. So open up your tablets to receive a fresh take on a form of collectivism for "Why Are You Ranking: How Individualism and Capitalism Are the Only Antitoxins for Racism Listed from Powerful to Puissant."

The History of Iniquity

When the Clean Water Was Served to the Fairer Skin

6. If you study history and science, you can ascertain facts that will tell you that we’re all African.

Without the guise of mysticism, all racists would fall. There would be no room for them to make their fallacious claims. Black racists would have to stop propagating the falsehood that blacks are better than whites because they were here first. While this is scientifically true, who cares? The original black man must still find his way in the world through reason, despite what the earliest ancestors of humanity looked like. And white racists would have to conceal their rhetoric for disbelieving in the fact that they descended from dark skinned people. One theory holds that the migration of the earliest hominids in Africa involved them moving northward, losing their fur, and then migrating back to the sub-Saharan regions of the continent where the sun darkened the flesh over millenia and thus blacks existed on the face of the Earth. With a close inspection of further migratory patterns, one might surmise that the change in skin and hair texture from the regions of Africa to Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and other places suggests that everything originated in Africa. Any non-black or non-white racist ought to be able to see just how they fit into the picture as well.

Rank: Powerful

Challenging the Term

Hate crimes do not exist.

5. There’s no such thing as a “hate crime.”

There are crimes and then there are legal actions. In between these two concepts is an anti-concept known as a hate crime. There is no such thing. The notion exists only to attempt to place blame on society rather than an individual who commits a crime. If hatred, malice, or ill-will is involved in a crime among people of the same race, does that make it a hate crime, too? (And not to mention the other variations listed above that would include a lesbian killing a gay man... Is that a “hate crime”?) With race, though, it runs much deeper and is packed with more animus. Because of the dusty savagery of slavery in the United States, the line has been drawn between black and white and all others have to pick a side. The thrust behind “hate speech” and “hate crimes” is the backward notion that ideas are crimes. This fallacy has implications in the way that the law courts mete out justice. A white man can be sent to prison for the rest of his life, not because he shot and killed a black man, but because he spray painted a swastika and the words “WPWW” and “1488” on the man’s body. A black man can be executed not for killing a white family of four but because he left behind pamphlets concerning the Black Nationalists.

This brute like way of viewing the law is harming, ironically, the people that it’s supposed to help. Instead of someone getting what he deserves for committing a despicable act, the label “hate crime” is thrown on it, thus cheapening the whole effect. The path to eliminating such undignified language in court ought to be at hand.

Rank: Robust

From the Youngest Crawling....

Racism can only be taught.

4. Once individualism is respected in education, then a groundswell of changes for the positive can take effect

In school, children are taught that they are part of “something greater than themselves.” Teachers profess that there is some amorphous tribe which hangs over them. While their heads seem to be in the right place, their heads are still in the wrong place, simultaneously. They mean well. They wish to see the rainbow effect of all colors of the human hue wheel be represented and respected. However, what this creates is the Petri dish for forming irrational alliances. Black children only associate with blacks, yellows with yellows, and so forth. The intended consequence of racial equality is often undercut to serve some collectivist goal. With the power of individualism, every child would be taught that they’re not special because of the melanin content that they possess or lack. They would be instructed that their own mind and the efficacy of it is what counts as an individual. No racial division would persist as the children from all colors would come together and work on problems that would serve their own selfishness. With egoism in place, the non-concept of race would be a thing of the past. Every child would be afforded the opportunity to not look at their skin color and hair texture and eye color but at ideas that they might share with another.

Rank: Strong

Joining Forces to Battle Racial Evil

The white man and black man can coexist in reason.

3. Individualism in the workplace would drive away racism.

Once those children grow up and enter the labor force, they will come in contact with (for the most part) people of different colors and backgrounds just as they did with school. If they attended college or university, that may have activated their minds to accept and acknowledge the mental capacity of a person rather than their outward appearance. Accidents at birth would have no bearing in the work world. Only having a purpose and therefore experiencing productiveness would matter in such settings. A report being filled out by a white woman would be of quality, as a black woman who completes a form would show deftness as well. The content of their intellect would be the only important factor in the decision to take one of, both, or neither statement. To drive away properly the ghosts of racism which will be with the human race for the foreseeable future, individualists ought to rejoice at the placement of thought above exterior appearances. In a work setting, the bottom line will always outweigh the differences between color of skin. When a red man completes a task for his superiors that is sufficient and good and a yellow woman fails to live up to that task because of her own mental errors, it is because of those mistakes, not the color of her skin. This individualism perpetuates the idea that the one person can advance in a given field despite what race their family happens to be.

Rank: Potent

A Black and White Shake

No matter the hue, the mind is what counts in business.

2. Capitalism is the goal to quash the ugliness of racism.

When a product is bought, the rational thought is not, “Did a black man make this widget?” No, the proper approach is to ask “is this product or service going to improve my life?” Such is the nature of capitalism. The free market system has, among other goals, one requirement: to respect private property rights. Once this is in place, any color, creed, religion, and range of ability can enter the market and create wealth. And especially, racial quotas like affirmative action would be eliminated. Capitalism represents the thinking man or woman, not their genitals, or their hair color, or how large their ear gauges are, or the way that they wear blue jeans. Capitalism is about the exchange of goods and services, value for value. Race is hardly even an afterthought. It’s a liability. The assets to the free market system are primarily independence, honesty, justice, and productiveness. Independence allows the sovereign individual to stake his or her claim in a given field and work with their own mind to solve problems and set goals as a single unit. This even means being a part of a team since this is a collection of individuals. Honesty in business is everything. Without your co-workers', contractors', and clients' trust, you have nothing on which to base your product. Justice is the hallmark of capitalism. It states that race should play no role in the trade of concepts or convertible vehicles. It states that every man is capable of making the best of, given his degree of intelligence, the opportunity to expand and flourish. It states that the sole obligation that a man has to another is his ability to think and reason. Productiveness is what drives capitalism, not consumerism. And racism is obliterated when it comes to productiveness. A brown man delivers returns in the millions that a black man just can’t provide. Is this because of their racial heritage? Did their ancestors only favor one of the two? No. Capitalism shows that the man with the know-how and the smarts and the profit motive to ascend the ladder of success will prevail. Racism hasn’t a chance against capitalistic gain.

Rank: Spirituous

Love is a response to values.

Interracial couples should rejoice.

1. Romantic, interracial couples are challenging the non-idealism of racism.

Though it may seem insignificant, the increase in interracial romantic relationships has challenged the idea of racism. As the first mixed race President with a darker hue than other alleged mixed race presidents, Obama represented during his tenure the fact that America’s face is changing. Ironically, his policies only deepened the racism with initiatives like My Brother’s Keeper which targeted predominantly black youths. (Why were there no photographic opportunities with white boys at risk along with the blacks?) With the influx of multi-racial couples and their progeny, the idea that America is a white nation or a black nation or any other color nation is slowly becoming a relic of the past. Ever since it was made legal after the Loving v. Virginia trial, interracial marriages have fostered an idealism in the fact that the blending of two different races based on the foundation of romantic love and admiration is more than okay. It is a beautiful thing to witness a child grow up knowing that they came from different races. The more relationships that we see like this will grant America and the world a look into the window of what a world without racism might look like. Racism has to be taught. No child comes into this world hating another for what another’s skin appearance. With interracial couples, the thought of a colorblind society may be at hand. While the black skin color tends to dominate in cases where white and black or other races combine, the fact that the white, yellow, red, or brown mother or father still had a say in the child’s birth will be remembered. Maybe with the blending of families who seek to lighten up that family tree, the day will come for everyone to see racism erased from all human activity.

Rank: Puissant

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