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Who is the Black Lives Matter Global Network?

by Morgan Sankofa 2 months ago in activism

After reading the Purpose of Power Organizer Alicia Garza's book I provide a simple clear interpretation of BLM!

I always find it necessary to debunk misconceptions. The media tends to overuse and even use the global organization "Black Lives Matter" to display protests against the murders of black males. The issue that falls upon many of the common myths are that dangerous attachments can form in relation to a liberating and humanitarian network! As apart of my duty to get more Americans and all people coming into political consciousness aware of the facts I will specifically define the intentions and a more authentic interpretation of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

To help guide newcomers ( and anyone needing a refresher) to this critical freedom organization here are a few facts about the Black Lives Matter Global Network formerly known as Black Lives Matter.

FACT: The Black Lives Matter Global Network was founded by 3 black women seasoned organizers: Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, & Alicia Garza. Two that are black queer women. ( Not Opal Tometi!)

MYTH: The Black Lives Matter Global Network was NOT founded by a charismatic black man, or any other National Civil Rights organization ( aka NOT founded by DeRay Mckesson)

"When Patrisse, Opal and I created Black Lives Matter, which would later become the Black Lives Matter Global Network, each of us also brought our own understanding of platforms, pedestals, and profiles. At that point, we'd all spent ten years as organizers and advocates for social justice. Our platforms and profiles, and perhaps even pedestals come from the relationships we have in our communities, the networks we are a part of, and the work we've done for migrant rights, transit justice, racial justice, economic justice, and gender justice.For nearly a year we operated silently, using our networks and experiences as organizers to move people to action, to connect them to resources and analysis, and to engage those who were looking for a political home" Alicia Garza direct quote

Alicia (left) Opal (middle) Patrisse (right)

FACT: The Black Lives Matter Global network combines decentralized leadership (distributing leadership throughout the organization) where each chapter has leads who train leaders within it to create black power, survival, and dignity for all black people ( including immigrants, women, disabled, conservative, LGBTQIA, elders) which in doing so creates a more dignified life for all marginalized people. The intention of the network is to create a movement in the MILLIONS using a series of offline tools to directly hold our leaders accountable. The mission is to "eradicate white supremacy and build local power to to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes" - Black Lives Matter About direct quote

MYTH: Black Lives Matter seeks to take down police officers and conservatives to protect black men.

"For policies to change, for the conditions in Black communities to change, Black communities must not only be engaged but must also shape the decisions that impact our lives. We must be involved in our own governance" direct quote Alicia Garza

"Right now our communities are governed by corporations and financial capitals. But what if our leaders knew that to leave Black communities behind would reap intolerance consequences? Governance is power" direct quote Alicia Garza

FACT: The Black Lives Matter Global Network is still at its infancy ( 7 years) of the black liberation movement with the intention to be a force backed by infrastructure to allow America to be reconstructed to a place where we can all interdependently survive and live a good life.

MYTH: The Black Lives Matter Global Network is a phase and a movement/ hashtag to make black people have "black privilege" flipping the roles of the power imbalance that many face from the conservative movement.

" In our freedom dreams, there is a whole web of institutions that work to change the story of what Black communities are, design policies to protect Black families from being preyed upon, and support Black communities to thrive" direct quote Alicia Garza

"In our freedom dreams Black communities are powerful beyond measure, and we are free to exercise that power in service of our goals, in service of meeting our needs, and in collaboration with other communities that, like us, are working to heal from the harm that the American project has inflicted upon generations" direct quote Alicia Garza

Guarded Conditions, Lorna Simpson 1989

The Black Lives Matter Global Network gives those that aren't commonly given voices in leadership the full opportunity to lead with strategy and a platform offline!! You...yes you can be a leader with Black Lives Matter or any multiracial liberation movement with a foundation in black liberation no matter where you come from, what anyone has said to you, or how anyone has treated you!!!! Another purpose is that we connect with each other in ways that propel all of us towards care - for ourselves and one another. (Healing own personal traumas & healing the systems that create inequity)

An opportunity that I took was this by Race Forward and I highly recommend you join me:

I also highly recommend that you READ from the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Patrisse Cullors -When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir

Alicia Garza - The Purpose of Power.

Opal Tometi- official website with a blog & FREE downloads such as Black Lives At the Border.

I am committed for the long haul to the Black Lives Matter Global Network and liberation work. We all deserve to live well and with ease in our lives without fighting and blaming each other for the conservative movements winning strategy that has made it so difficult to survive.

* this is my interpretation based on passion & after reading The Purpose of Power by Alicia Garza and organizing on a small scale! I have more work to do but I felt compelled to share more factual information about the most important organization in the modern day.

Take Action for BLM HERE:

Morgan Sankofa
Morgan Sankofa
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