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Who Ate My Piece of Peace?

The Search For an Invisible Man

By mark-alan; tislandPublished 4 months ago 25 min read
Peace: The Invisible Man

A riddle wrapped tightly within an enigma ... a mystery that can only provide a partial solve ... a list of rules that are subject to change without prior notification. These are descriptors of the ever-elusive Peace: the Invisible Man; a mythical legend of grand stature.~ Mark - Alan: Tisland

CHAPTER 1: By Nature of Mankind

"If history has taught us anything" is a literary standard worthy of our attention, in and of itself. We've all heard the phrase: "To the victor, go the spoils of war!", as well as "History is written by the victors of war!". Therefore, as an opening gambit; "IF history has taught us anything..." is abstruse in its substantive form.

We can only, by general rule, reference that which we have commonly been made to understand and accept as the reality of our historical content, as it pertains to the world around us. While there exists a fair portion of modern society that has not voluntarily submitted themselves to accepting all data presented as "Truth", human nature has handicapped the manner in which we disseminate our information.

As the herd mentality has so plausibly indicated throughout our lives, we tend to make reference to things more widely accepted as truth; even if it contradicts the knowledge we possess as the actual accounting of the relevant facts in support of views in opposition to those more widely accepted contributions. That is stated, merely to notice a disclaimer upon the premise of this article, so that the author might secure his right to be heard out, as subjects of religion and conspiracy are touched upon in an effort to bring proper shape to the dialogue.

If history has taught us anything, it has shown the inexorable drawing power of a combative force that seems to permeate the human condition by its very nature. We tend to interpret differences of opinion as a personal slight upon our values, as though the one differing in opinion had taken off their proverbial glove, and slapped us across the face with it; an obvious challenge to a duel by which we are allowed the opportunity to preserve the integrity of our dignity. The flaws in this thought process, upon observation, become immediately apparent.

We have birthed the means by which we have justified the Act of War for a purpose by which our dignity is to somehow remain in tact; although the actions by which said preservation is established, are the sort that lower our status to that of a base creature; one that handles its affairs by way of emotional and instinctual processes, rather than the higher faculties of logic and reason. This process alone is violate of the integrity principle, as it adheres to dignity's preservation. If we are to honestly pursue a model of peaceful existence, as a species fully capable of entertaining the ideologies that surround that virtue, we will be forced to bring ourselves willingly to the courts and altars of our own humanity, with all humility and self-analysis at the forefront of our endeavor to so pursue. Are we a species strong enough to put away the pride that serves as a blockade to all roads that lead to a land called "Peace"? The author has some very strong arguments that would suggest we do not possess the necessary self-restraint, which might endorse such an Utopian state of affairs.

CHAPTER 2: By Rule of Law:

Upon initial examination of the historical course of mankind, we notice a pattern that seems to serve as a rule, rather than an exception: war is imminent. Conflict is within our very nature; to be involved in matters of adversarial construction, as though courses in opposition to that doctrine are altogether unavailable. While we can surmise, on the face of that statement, its illegitimacy within a social structure comprised of reasonably responsible people, we still find ourselves constantly engaged in behavior that lends legitimacy to its foundation. No structure can be confected with lasting integrity, upon a foundation that is unsuitable for the build. If we construct without foundational limits that support the principal installation, it isn't long before the cracks begin to appear, and the plumb line no longer reads true.

At the end of the previous chapter, the reader may have caught a glimpse of what seems oxymoronic, or just a glaring paradox within the statement made as follows: "...we will be forced to bring ourselves willingly to the courts and altars of our own humanity...". This is the sort of perplexity within our nature that must consistently be under management. It is akin to the idea of our "predestined free will" of Biblical provision.

The author's idea of a proper interpretation of what appears to be a contradiction in terms; further adding complexity by the fact that both components are being used to describe the same objective; is that our impetus for a deeper look into the Self and the All is hereby provided. The reason for this dialogue's import is for the establishment of the Rule of Law as a necessity in our experience, labeled: life. Can the self-serving ego cooperate with the all-giving source? The question assigns a need for examination of humanity's relative creation, and the forces that are both; responsive and responsible for the existential imagery contained within the proposed criteria.

Sub-Chapter 2 (A): Existential Trichotomy

In the singularity, the Self does exist, but it cannot know that it does. There is no space for any observation to be made that the Self is. It just "is"! If the source provides its counterpart, a duality comes forth from obscurity into the spacial provision of Self, but still lacks the capacity to make any observation beyond its existence. Duality, also, simply "is"; although there now exists a potential that was not formerly possessed of the Singular Self. The potential for awareness is duly sworn, as if the covenant was already formed, pen and paper available for the signature; but no hand able to move the parts to perform its authentication. Now the need to comprehend what "is" "Is", comes to the surface. I will make reference to the Christian Bible on several occasions because of its richness for resources that explain so well; the innate nature of man's existence and relationship with the Source.

This instance provides the occasion by which the concept of a "Trinity" takes form. The duality is come to be, but cannot know "why", in the absence of a space for observation. It is only through observation that knowledge is obtainable. One cannot know what one cannot observe, study, and make logical and calculated conclusions that compile a database which ultimately forms a principality known as Truth.

It is in this spacial provision that our mysterious Consciousness finds its existential abode. Once we, as individuals (counterparts / ideologies of the Tribunal judgments / observations) begin to grasp that awareness, and allow our subjection to the Law, by its provision, we can then observe the environment it creates as the result of said awareness. The Collective can then begin to be considered. For any that struggle with the idea of "God" or the "Christ" .... this is the awareness that has been absent from your ability to see and hear. The story was told in terms that made it personal, because it "is".

Closing your eyes and covering your ears; one may then see and hear the Collective, resulting from awareness of the ability of Self to observe the threefold nature (the Trichotomy / Trinity) of the duality of singularity's existence within the Source. This is the very root from which the Rule of Law finds its need to govern the Self. Three sub-components are the framework of the image of Self.

This entire concept is what the united States of America was founded on, and why it is the integral basis for the continued existence of a free People. We are to govern ourselves, being governed by no other individual. Our Republican form of government is "Christian" in its establishment, based upon this very Truth of existential observation, as well as Masonic. The Republic teaches individuals to govern the Self, being the tree of three branches: Executive, Legislative, Judicial (i.e. Father, Son, Holy Ghost / Isosceles Triangle).

We are given liberty to explore all of life's mysteries, all the way back to the Source, with only the Rule of Law as a Rule of Necessity for the guidance of the occasional, wayward thought (a strand that knits the consciousness into a Collective) in the form of a "person" that does that which is considered "evil" in our sight. I would highly recommend at this point that the reader who struggles with any of what was just read; go back to the beginning of the Sub-Chapter; read with deliberate and purposed want, and allow this information to take its rightful place. To do otherwise is to deprive the Self of the knowledge of the All, and thereby desecrate the temple of your own existence. It is this particular lack of understanding that brings the Act of War to the forefront of humanity, and buries the Pillar of Peace under its battle-torn wreckage. As a side note: true disciples of Christ are not religious; nor can they be, and simultaneously adhere to that discipline.

I am way ahead of you, my dear reader; and to think for one second that I would not address that elephant in the room, is a notion I hope to put to rest for hope of future reading of my authorities. Yes; that word (authorities) was intentionally used to further open the eyes into what has been transpiring within and without, and certainly linked to your everyday participation in life's experience (author / authority). But, I digress. The "elephant" in the room: perfection of consciousness through actions of violence: Once again, we find ourselves face to face with the complexities of the good of "All" to be achieved through a subcontractor of the general consciousness; a small group of People with a majestic plan taken straight from the blueprint of our Source's existence. Let us never forget the path by which our Trinity was born into the light of observable space: through the Duality, which was created of necessity; without which, we could never get to a spacial plane that harbors the knowledge to prescribe Truth.

That duality can be observed in some of our modern idioms: "Freedom isn't Free"; "Peace through superior fire power"; "Gotta' break some eggs to make an omelette."Therein lays your Great Physician. Once again, the Bible provides an interesting corollary for our preponderance: blood is a requirement of humanity's salvation.

Sub-Chapter 2 (B): Violent Liberty

America; the States of the union; the place of our forefathers' design, has the perfection of our community at the heart of its installation. The wickedness we can observe as the means to achieve that is palpable. Atrocities paved the way to its idea, its establishment, and its means of preservation. To the end, the means can be justified, but what was said by Benjamin Franklin, was a hint that alludes to our lack of collective consciousness operating as a mechanism that corrects itself of error as time moves forward within this spacial provision. When asked what form of government had actually been established through the arduous process of deliberation that was, ironically, necessary for the liberation (the duality, once again) of future generations, Franklin famously quipped, "A Republic; if you can keep it." Too well was it known, through an exhaustive analysis of the human condition that led to the reason for that answer; that we possess an uncanny ability, which may be the by-product of our duality, to self-sabotage our most glorious endeavors to secure achievements that emit righteous intentions to be nature's new result by default.

Reminder: the Source takes the office of Creator as the result of observable awareness of the Duality's Singularity; and that, of necessity, and by nature of existence. As our historical evidence provides, we have customs suited to particular tribes or communities of people that allow us to interact with a basic understanding of what is acceptable and what is not allowable. The Rule of Law is a requisite tool in the governing of human affairs; so much so that it has its Natural Law imposed upon our consciences by our Creator. We understand without being taught; many of these conceptual guidelines. Whether an individual claims the existence of a divine source or insists that it can't be so; the result of our conscience's witness bears Truth in the divinity of our Natural Law; otherwise known as the "Common Law."

For example: a man who has been without human contact for the whole of his life's memory, can walk out of the solitude and into the business of a thriving community, and by instinct (that is to say: by Natural Law), he knows he is not at liberty to strike down a man to his death, in order to rape the woman who is with him, even though the nature of his existence has similarly strong instincts for procreation as it does for the rules by which that procreation is attainable. There will always be exceptions to these instances, but that in no way can be made an argument to supersede the applicable law that governs mankind's standard of interactive behavior.

We know by the information we've received throughout our own lives that these kinds of subhuman behaviors are almost always performed in a setting that fosters exclusivity; bearing witness to the fact that the aggressor in these situations has the cognitive ability to discern that what he is engaging in, is an act in opposition to the nature of the Law that is written on the tablets of his heart .... of his conscience. If that were not the case, we would see rape taking place in the open market place, as the instinct to procreate is written into the D.N.A. of mankind, and cannot be expected to be overcome by man-made institutions and machinations.

That is to say: we are a creation of species subject to the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law is necessary and just. It is unfortunate that we have among us; a pattern of abuse that certain people have adopted as a tool to position themselves in a manner of preference above their fellow man. This is indicative of what could be referred to as a "searing of the conscience."

In this particular group of people, a hierarchy has been established, from which their viewpoint has been cultivated. In order to make this work to their advantage, they must get those that; otherwise, would not view the world as they do, to conform to their institution of idea. This is where the Common Law began to receive shovel loads of dirt upon its intentional burial.

Man-made "laws" are no law at all, but they are given force by those that created the hierarchies, through which; they receive beneficial circumstances by design. This is exactly how our "legal" system came to be what it is today. It is a monster of insatiable appetite, devouring all who dare to walk upon their public pathways; those pathways, all leading to the Law Merchant (Lex Mercatoria).

Our Common Law courts created by the Constitution for the united States of America have been hijacked by statute law, under Admiralty jurisdiction (a Maritime Law), to enforce contracts in commerce. And wouldn't you know it ... these courts are referred to as "Adversarial Courts." Can we begin to see how the simplicity of our human condition was swaddled with perplexity, to wage war upon our senses?

CHAPTER 3: "It is Easier to Fool the People..."

When we think of the principle of Peace, and the virtuous connotations associated with it, we tend to steer our focus toward the international stage. I'll make an educated offering for your consideration at this point: it is by design of multi-layered programming techniques and the complex propaganda machine of our mainstream media's (MSM) development, that our focus is auto-piloted to the subjects upon which we find ourselves belayed. That is not to say that the goal of peace is not something to be aspired on an international level, if possible. No ... far from it. The statement's purpose is to highlight another malaise of our humanity; the same condition that allows the corrupt politicians, bankers, courts and warmongers to remain active in operations of a clandestine architecture.

Ignorance is a verb. It is now a verb that I just used as a noun. It is the willful decision to not be made aware of something. We often use the word "ignorant" as a substitution for "naive". This ought not be the case. In doing so, we make allowances for what can rationally be equated with stupidity or, at the very least; absurdity. We are authorizing absurdity by remaining ignorant. Does ignorance stem from pride? I think a case could be made and successfully argued in support of that notion. What happens so often within the political realm is something that is referred to as the "Kansas City Shuffle". Perhaps you have heard this colloquialism and understand the operational functionality of its meaning. The idea is to focus the attention of the targeted subject on one thing, while another thing receives performance opposite of your focus. It is the classic, "Hey! Look over there, everybody!" They have become masters of this, but fortunately for us, there are many people like myself that are able to see through their shenanigans.

Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, is credited with having said: "It is easier to fool the people, than it is to convince the people that they have been fooled!" This is the most true statement, with broad application to the social conditioning we exude, that has ever been uttered. We see the evidence of it, continually, interlaced through our cultures, including social platforms that would rather stick with a false narrative than speak a truth that could potentially rock the boat. In this manner; the factions that war against the concept of peace are able to control the public sentiment, by speaking a lie so often that it becomes a form of truth. Of course, by mere logical conclusion, a falsehood can never achieve virtual status as Truth.

This is how the course of history is molded and shaped, and this is how we are kept subdued, in an effort to assure the success of a few that do not have the welfare of the many in mind. September 11th rhetoric is a prime example of this. All the evidence is readily available for anybody that wants to know the truth, but to this day; even though we live in an age of unlimited access to informational resources, the original narrative is still being espoused, as if guys that had minimal training with a Cessna plane had maneuvered airline jumbo jets; after hijacking jets of full occupancy; with box knives; to targets in the form of skyscraper buildings, that would experience complete and total loss of structural integrity and free-fall at a rate indicative of zero gravity, and into a pile of dust. I could go on with the ridiculousness of that entire narrative, but my point is established for the purpose of this article.

When faced with something that does not fit our acceptable ideas or our strongly held beliefs, we experience cognitive dissonance. That is a natural mechanism for the sake of protecting our minds from an overload of information that has the potential to crush our entire belief systems, which can cause a fracture of the mind itself. It only functions as a natural mechanism (as regarding information in a general sense), however; in the cognitive functions of a person exercised in the art of ignorance.

Allow me to explain that opinion. Pride says we must be correct in our beliefs. We ignore anything antithetical to our structured ideologies, in an effort to remain correct in our beliefs, preserve our conceptual truths, and retain our pride. The people that steer the narrative are all too aware of this mode of humanity, and they trust in our laziness enough to allow them to carry on without worry of an unfavorable incident.

In 2022, we find ourselves in a plot to divide and conquer the people and weaken a nation. Although I've been aware of the facts surrounding the Plandemic since late in the year 2019, and have access to every piece of hard evidence necessary to back up every claim, incriminate every player in the game, and awaken the slumbering population; it does little good, due to the cognitive dissonance on display en masse. This provides all the ingredients for the perfect recipe for a Kansas City Shuffle; the likes of which has never before been witnessed on any world stage. Those opposed to peaceful existence are grinning like an undertaker right now.

CHAPTER 4: Peace and Prosperity is the Past

If we are a people; strong and vigilant; why has our homeland not been secured from this present administration's tyrannical agenda? The answer to that is subtly hidden within many levels of distraction-oriented devices that have been set in motion from past decades. Let's surprise some of my readers that are still devoted to a party of political creation called Democrats. In case you haven't already been made aware; your party was hijacked long ago, and is a socialist party masquerading under the guise of a Democratic affiliation. Their agenda has zero to do with the Constitutionality of our country; makes no effort to meet the needs of the people; is checkered with a past that includes: racist policies, mass population imprisonment bills, higher tax rates, the intentional ruin of our higher educational systems, and much, much more. As for the Republican party; while I never really subscribed to either, I knew this country was in desperate trouble if HRC ever made it into office, so I voted for a man whom I had no real interest in prior to the campaign trail. While he remains the only President in our country's history to make good on all of his campaign promises, be completely transparent (on the surface) while receiving more abuse in the form of false accusations, constant badgering, and the recipient of a swarm of plain, old lies; and though he accomplished so many great things that our country desperately needed, not to mention all the children saved from the cartels that traffic in the sex trade; all of those things that made him one of the best presidents ever ... I have to admit that even I may have been fooled. I did not see this coming at all.

It seems to me that the Kansas City Shuffle that I'd referenced earlier in this article, was played out by the Trump administration in a manner not even imaginable by most standards. The Patriots of this country that would have stood and fought for the rights of everyone, on both sides of the aisle, knew that the time for change was upon us, and I do believe a civil war would have been initiated soon after a Hillary presidency. He was able to quell the urgency we felt for a call to action, keeping us at bay, and trusting the plan for the redemption of America.

I have always been an advocate of the notion that: no bird can fly effectively without two wings; a right wing and a left wing. This is the truth of the matter, politically speaking, as I see it now. One way or another, the war mongers appear to have gotten to him, and we see him advocating for things that we know are not good for our fellow countrymen. Operation Warp Speed will go on to become one of the all-time greatest blots on our humanity's wall of shame, as the resulting fallout will be to the tune of millions of deaths, and possibly reaching a toll of hundreds of millions by the time the experimental gene therapies have run their course. Since then, we've experienced wide open borders, the Taliban is equipped, our military is disassembled, and our economy is tanked. Those attributes fall squarely to the current administration, but the prior chess pieces played were a necessary adjunct to stave the revolution.

The reason we cannot and will not achieve peace is fully exemplified within the very text of the prior paragraphs. We are so easily divided and set against one another, that to think we can be peaceful with those that don't even share a nationality with us, is absolutely fantastic. Now we have people that insist we wear masks that, 1) cannot stop a virus from transmitting; 2) are known to be unhealthy when worn for extended periods of time; 3) do not meet safety or efficacy requirements for the supposed intended purpose; and 4) is nobody's damned business whether or not we choose to wear one. It has created a division because of the reasons listed in this article.

The division is a major part of any battle strategy; especially one that is being waged upon its own citizenry. It would be the blindest eye to not see and ascertain; that is precisely what is transpiring here, in the united States of America, as we witness the degradation of many parts of her makeup in accelerated fashion.

Jobs were purposely displaced while prices were purposely raised by an an intentional supply crisis. Weapons of the greatest advancements were left to enemy militias in a region where our countrymen and allied members were knowingly left behind, with no intention to send a rescue. Riots were not only allowed, but encouraged, as its aftermath of victims were denied justice in our corrupted, far left courts. That season of destruction was followed by a demonstration at the Capital Building in D.C; agitated by known Antifa members and Federal agents, and given to the spin doctors to give rise to an insurrection charge, when the only deaths that occurred were a couple of beaten protestors, one execution of an unarmed woman by a Capitol agent, and the fourth death was a Capitol police man who died of a stroke. Yet they want us to accept and believe that this was an event comparable to that of the 3,000 plus employees murdered on 9/11 by our own public servants.

While this article is really meant to be a speculative piece about the possibility of peace, I can predict that the mentioning of some of these horrific truths will no doubt be ill-received by some that are either still in the grasp of the cognitive dissonance suggested afore, or are aware of these truths, but paid to adhere to the versions preferred by the de facto government. That is being found to be the case on so many platforms currently, within the social media venues.

Censorship in America is a declaration of war by any standard. I may have to dig around for the citation by video for most of these statements, should I find that my dissemination of truthful occurrences of events is met with challenge. I will admit that the discovery of these videos will be quite challenging in today's world of censorship. Most videos that have anything to do with any of this information have already been removed from the major media outlets where I originally discovered them.

That alone should speak volumes as to the validity of my claims, but there still remain many among us that haven't the ability to see through the fraudulent representations of events being released into the public purview. That would include, within the fraud, representations of events NOT being released into the public domain.

Of course, if anybody chooses to watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, or even FOX, or any of the Cabal-owned media outlets, as though the rhetoric being spewed from those puppet's mouths had any agenda-free truth to it; then I guess nothing I can do or say from here can be expected to penetrate the (by now) dragon-scaled fortress that has become the external shell that has accumulated over the years, to protect your brainwashing from becoming infected by the Truth.

I just showed another example of how the division card is played throughout our socially-engineered arena. We are a nation that cares more about what people might label us as than we are concerned with the facts of the state of this once-great country. We have children being poisoned and going hungry right here in America, but that's of no matter; as long as the community doesn't cast me in a light that appears racist. Hint: everything right now is racist.

There ... doesn't that simplify things for you? You may not be aware that Dr. Seuss was recently declared racist material and, subsequently; pulled from the shelves. Arithmetic is also now inherently racist; a policy that only a true racist could ever declare. Oh, and by the way; racism is only for whites, which is also very racist. I have seen more Asian, Indian and African White Supremacists this past year than I would have ever believed possible. Imagine their surprise to find out they are in the Ku Klux Klan, carrying burning crosses and whatever it is they do, right alongside with me, as we chant hateful ditties about inferior mud races, and head down to the Democratic Convention Center to have some abortions and hang us some negroes!

With all these mechanisms in place, and the willingness of so many to go along with the absurdity being forced down the American throat, unity becomes an imaginary word. There can be no prosperity for a collective that is easily distracted and bathed in ignorance; nor will those that have the power of money and legislation ever again relinquish their hold on the control over other people that they are currently enjoying. Peace is a concept for times past, which has become a modern day expletive. We are deeply entrenched in World War III at this very moment, and most have no idea that a war is even being fought all around them. It is that very notion by which I will bring forth the question that ends this piece of literary probation:

How does a populace, unable to recognize their involvement in a war, expect to set forth with an effort to achieve peace?

Please know that I harbor no ill will for fellow man, haven't any racial biases, nor do I subscribe to any political affiliation. I am simply attempting to state a case as to why I don't believe this world can achieve peace. Thank you for hearing me out.

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