When are you going to learn?

Time is infinite, the planet has limits.

When are you going to learn?
What will it take to create a world that feels love?

I had a problem singling out one world leader that needed to hear this message, so I decided that it was a letter to ALL world leaders both politically, ethically and morally. Maybe the ones who are already embodying leadership fully and know the reality of what I am sharing here will be an even bigger action example to the rest…Who knows we’ll see!

The questions are these.

When are you going to learn, that passing the problems over as not being problems and comparing your nation to another nation is not the energy that’s going to resolve the crisis that we have on the planet.

When are you going to learn that ignoring the issues that are going on in your country to another country on this earth is not the answer. All it does is move the issue elsewhere, it never changes it, it's the same crap, different coordinates.

When are you going to learn that ignoring and not taking responsibility for the things that you and your predecessors have created is not the solution to changing the planet. As a race we are experiencing issues on a scale never known, ignoring it is not the solution.

When are you going to learn that the oceans really are FULL of plastic that will never decompose in your lifetime, that tress take more than 5 minutes to grow and that once you have made an animal extinct because of your actions that extinct really does man no more, nada, gone, never again.

When are you going to learn that ignoring facts of how things are changing with the planet is never the answer. What kind of world do you want your children and grandchildren to live in? The fact is regardless of how much money you have, money can not rebuild the earth, that’s nature, not ching ching. Gold might come from the earth, yet it also leaves scars where you took it from. Often scars that will never fully heal. Scars are like tattoos on the soul, they heal so far, yet are always there.

When are you going to learn that you are a role model for millions of young people who are finding their way in the world. Let me ask you, do you teach your children to be honest, responsible and kind? Are you speaking from actions? I was always told actions speak louder than words. Want a clue, what state is your country in? Full of happy people or ones who are pretty fed up with the way life is? I’ll leave that one with you.

When are you going to learn that there will come a point when they say “It’s gone too far, we can’t fix it now. What will you do then, because plan B will be moot!

When are you going to learn that dictatorship, control, and greed is not what the human race is all about. What will it take for love and happiness to truly take over and take their place as the leading energies for a harmonious planet. When are you going to learn?

And finally when is it that you are going to learn that the conditioning your whole life of time being infinite and money being limited is a complete lie. Time is limited and money is infinite and can solve many, many large scale problems when the outcome is the good of all, not just the greedy.

When are you going to learn? We’ll see?

Clare Turner Marshall
Clare Turner Marshall
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