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What's Wrong With Black Men?

by A.J. Jones about a year ago in controversies

A subject that is spoken on with little fact and many opinions while based on few if any facts...leaving many asking, "What's Wrong With Black Men?"

Young black man looking for answers

This question is usually asked in articles written by black females. The reality in the answer is far deeper and is often times overlooked in general conversations and in the general dialog in the black community. When this subject is spoken on in a lot of articles written by black females it is usually written very passionately with “surface facts”(Surface facts are facts that can be obviously seen and can be proven and often times stand alone). When a black male is writing on this very same subject we have to pull history, psychology, and even refer to shifts in societal norms to further explain what is going with black men. The issues with black men are not of any type of epidemic proportion or anything like that, but more of systemic and societal changes.

Young Black Man looking for answers

One thing that is attached to what is wrong with black men is that black men have been historically traumatized. Even as slaves many black male slaves saw there wives and daughters get raped by the slave master and could not do anything or say anything about it because he knew that the master would probably have him killed. Even on that same note some male slaves were even “buck broken”(raped in public by the slave master or his overseer)in front of his whole family and the plantation. The men were just forced to take what happened and internalize it. These men have clearly been historically broken. Now, the other side of this trauma has caused what I call “Black Man’s Revenge”. Black Man’s Revenge is basically a where the black man is going to use any and all means to get vindication and or revenge on the white man included sleeping with or marrying a white woman. Black Man’s Revenge is a huge reason why black women feel as if black men don’t love them. Some black men’s pursuit of revenge has been so problematic to the point that black men in big numbers are marrying white women, thus further driving in a wedge in between black women and black men.

A large percentage of black men are or have been raised by single mothers. The circumstances of the mother being single could be a variable of things from being a widow, incarceration, or even just commonly being an absentee father. Black male children are not difficult to raise, but once a boy hits the age of 8 to 11 years of age; these boys are slowly becoming teens and their body’s are changing and behavior changes are taking place due to puberty. The mother can only do so much. Because these boys do not have strong men in their lives so as these boys grow into their teen they more often than not pick some feminine habits, traits, and or mannerisms, but they do not even realize what they are doing. Even when you look how young boys are now versus how they were 20 years ago there is a slight difference in their behavior. Boys that were growing up 20 years ago had more structure and discipline than the boys that are growing up now. The younger generation of boys coming up now are also tend to be have more female mannerisms and habits due society as a whole becoming more sexualized.

There are so many factors that lead to black men becoming the way that they are viewed right now in society. To answer the rhetorical question that has been asked,”What’s wrong with black men?”

Black men now have no fathers…

Black men are being pushed out of the job force…

Black men are dying at faster rates and dying younger…

Black men are tired of being hurt…

Black men are tired of being taken advantage of by society…

Black men are tired of being used…

Black men have no direction…

Black men are tired of being profiled and shot in the streets…

Generally, society could care less about what is going on with the black man or why he is the way that he is because people barely see the black man as a human being. People and organizations take time out to paint the black man into narratives that are half truths without asking any questions or looking up any facts. it just seems like everybody writes about black men except black man. To get it correct it would be nice to take a black man seriously if he is writing about something he knows about pretty well. One thing that a black man would know about is what goes on with black men. Why would he know this information? Well, a black man is and would know what black men go through. So, before you speak a heavily gender-biased generalized narrative and ask a loaded rhetorical question. Please gather your facts and stats before you ask, “What is wrong with Black Men?”

A.J. Jones
A.J. Jones
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A.J. Jones

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