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What's It Like In A Homeless Shelter

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By Emily AurelienPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
What's It Like In A Homeless Shelter
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This is day four, in a homeless shelter for me, and apparently I have the face of a innocent woman with Bambi eyes. The staff is unprofessional completely right down to almost cruel. When I was verbally assaulted by a staff member yesterday, my adrenaline, was helping me survive.

I cried because it was so windy yesterday that I couldn't go to my hangout space at Joe Maxx Cafe on the university campus.

I really didn't know that I could run that fast.

I have been having issues inside mind, but I can't even think about all of this. I have to survive this then worry about Trauma Therapy.

I just learned something and key points this is why I wanted to go back to school to hopefully change the system from the inside.

1: Did you know that Homeless Shelters can get so much outta this: I recently learned that we are worth a number buy staying here. 3,000.00 if you are what they "normal". If you are unstable, you are worth 4,000.00 and double from insurance companies.

2: The cost: The unstable people some are harmless, some are violent. Which gives Norma Herr more money in there pockets.

3: The system: The system is broken because of places like this who should be helping get the homeless out back on track. Instead most like myself have been working alone while the staff sit on there asses speaking on themselves. The system is beyond broken and needs to be mended.

I guess this is how the world has always been I just never paid much attention until I ended up in this situation. I guess why this sickens me is people do this to make quick cash while trying to make this unsanitary, with unqualified people who shouldn't be working at this place.

I wish places like this could be shut down, or at least get brand new staff that have good hearts and will actually work hard to help others.

But this will never happen in places like this. The system like I said is broken without measure. I wish there was something I could do about this.

I did figure out for myself, and I will give you my thoughts right now.

1: In Homeless Shelters Like This: They take as many people as they can each person stable or mentally ill is worth so much money including insurance claims. They try to keep you there as long as they possibly can to squeeze as much funding as they can out of the government. For the mentally ill funding for this is as I told you above.

2: Share as little as possible: These kinds of agencies share as little as possible to keep everything under the sheets. For example, a roommate has sepsis I think in her foot so bad it's radiating the smell all over her body. In this true example I had two options go back to overflow they call it, or she hands me a mask. I took one look in my memories of overflow and yanked the mask. This made me upset so I warn my other roommates, and a few other girls. (I looked it up sepsis is not contagious but exposed to body fluids the infection can spread.)

3: These homeless shelters have sub agencies that are eating from the palm of their hands: Sub-agencies like EDEN, and others must know that all this stuff is happening but they dont' do anything. So, they over look it so it doesn't affect their funding as well. At least thats my theory.

This is beyond dispicable. But that's the way it is, and I fear it maybe always like this until something changes. I hope it's soon.


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