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What If We Change the World?

by Charlie Garcia 4 years ago in humanity
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The sad world we live in doesn’t have to be that way forever.

Love will save the planet

I hate the world we live in. It’s an intolerant and cruel place where you don’t get to just be yourself. I hate the fact that it’s so difficult and painful to love ourselves and to be proud; the fact that being you can also mean not being accepted by people you love. It’s so important to be proud of ourselves to be happy in this world, but it is so challenging at the same time. I hate that you get to be judged by every single person just because you’re not them. Everybody is different and no one is perfect. Isn’t it beautiful? I think it is, but society thinks the opposite. We live with society’s standards, but what is so cool about fitting in them? I don’t want to look like these girl with their perfect beach body. I love the way I look. I don’t want to be this skinny blond on these underwear ads. I don’t want to fit in these insta-babe pages. This isn’t reality. Reality is unity in diversity. The fact that we’re all different makes us a society. The fact that we have our own history and our own opinion, the fact that we weren’t all born in the same country, the fact that we have different taste, that’s what makes the beauty of a world. Sadly, there’s so many people who disagree with that, who are scared of what’s different than them. Would they prefer to live with a bunch of people who look just like them, who think like them, who speak like them? I wouldn’t. I am way too annoying. But seriously, I hate the world for making people feel miserable, for making them feel wrong. Nobody should feel guilty to be themselves. You don’t have to justify your choices or about your taste. You get to do whatever the hell you want and nobody should tell you that you can’t do something or that you’re wrong. Because they are. They are wrong to make you feel that way. I hate that in some countries, it is still illegal to marry someone of the same sex. I hate that in some places, a women doesn’t have the same right as a men. I hate that you get judge by the color of your skin or by the language you speak. I hate that you get beat up for thinking differently. I hate that the person who beat you up gets away with it. I hate that the wrong people get to have all the power. I hate that the world is controlled by a bunch of losers. I hate that the president of the USA is dumber than all the country combined. I hate that we get to follow rules that doesn’t make any sense. I hate that we fight at war and that we think it’s going to solve our problems. I hate that even after hundreds of years, the world hasn’t change. It’s still an awful place and I don’t want to live in it anymore. I wish I could change it, because believe me, I would do anything it takes to make it a place where everyone is happy and where you get to be yourself at any time. This sad world we live in doesn’t have to be this way forever.

I hope you read all of it and that you enjoyed it. If you did, I hope you try to make the world a better place for you because you deserve it. Please, don’t hesitate to share this with your friends. Pass the word and maybe some day the society your kids will live in will be different.

Amy Alexander


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Charlie Garcia

Love writing. Better with words than with people

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