Trump Is Not the President We Deserve, but the One We Need Right Now!

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Why We Need Trump

Trump Is Not the President We Deserve, but the One We Need Right Now!

Trump—you either love him or hate him. He's either the signal for the Golden Age, or proof that an apocalypse of nuclear fire is upon us. He and his presidency are the subject of much controversy and much consternation of the people. Simply put, Donald Trump is a very...complex character. Is he a "stable genius?" Is he a "f*cking moron"? Will we ever be able to tell?

However you want to slice it, none of it matters. The reason is simply this:

America needs Donald Trump to be President. We need him. Here's why.

Donald Trump is a charismatic man who knows how to talk to the public. He's a fast-thinking, fast-talking salesman who knows what you want and knows how to sell it you. Whole studies have been done on how Trump selects his words, making himself easy to understand, yet bewildering to acknowledge. He is capable of answering simple questions with whole soliliquys. He can say everything and nothing at the same time.

He is a man capable of getting people who should know better to vote for him. The data on this is clear; even a cursory search would be able to determine that most white people, most college-educated women, most white elderly people tended to vote for Trump. This would seem like a statistical anomaly, given what Trump has said about women on television and his views on the elderly, yet Donald Trump's charisma is the key here, as well as his very carefully chosen words as the President. Most of those words are denials of any wrongdoing, even as evidence to the contrary mounts almost daily.

So why do we, the American people, absolutely NEED Donald Trump to be POTUS? How does a man like Trump add value to America? The answer is as elegant as it is simple, summed up in one word.


A history lesson, in short: It started on June 17th, 1972, with five people breaking into the Democratic National Convention headquarters at the Watergate complex. These people were arrested, money on hand was traced back to a slush fund run by Nixon's campaign. Eventually, Nixon was forced to hand over a bunch of recorded tapes that he had made in his office, and that's when it was discovered that he had tried to cover up the whole thing and deflect the investigation into Watergate as a whole. In the end, sixty-nine people were indicted, and more than half of them were found guilty. It was almost a sure thing after that that not only would Nixon face impeachment, but maybe even a conviction or two by the Senate. So, faced with all this, Nixon chose to resign. Of course, it was almost a whole month before Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon.

Is all this starting to sound familiar? George Santayana had a little bit to say on this—well, not on Watergate, but our situation in general:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

How about someone a bit closer to home?

"History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme."—Mark Twain.

Okay, well, *attributed* to Mark Twain. It counts, and more importantly, makes a very clear point.

With Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's ties with Russia, with the (admittedly small) amount of indictments coming in, we are seeing a modern-day Watergate playing out before us all. Many people between the ages of 45 on down hardly even know about Watergate because they simply did not live through it. Between now and then, there's been no single thing we can all point to as being as complete a fiasco as Nixon gave us. Sure, Clinton got himself impeached, George W. Bush had 9/11, and Obama had Obamacare, but it would be very hard to agree upon the levels of corruption on any of these. Certainly only Bill Clinton's impeachment was the only one of these that qualified as a bona fide scandal.

A lot of people would argue that Donald Trump is the President because the only other choice for America was Hilary Clinton, who was three things:

1) A woman

2) As morally questionable as her male counterparts

3) Conventionally defiant (ie; running for president)

When stacked against the honeyed, simple words of a man who was not a career politician, the choice became clear to many Americans who had grown tired of them. America was perhaps not ready to have a female President—although it could certainly be argued that, in 2009, America was not ready to have an African-American President, either.

Even since before Trump took office, the President has been surrounded by scandal, in one form or another. Whether its sexual assault allegations, beauty pageants, multiple bankruptcies, or just plain old-fashioned misogyny, he can't seem to escape it.

The hard truth of it is simply this—we NEED Donald Trump to be the President of the United States of America. We NEED him to show us how bad things can really be, and to show us what kind of a person that we unequivocally do not need in office; to show us how easy it is for us to make not the wrong choice, but to make a desperate one. And when when we're done taking his abuse and misogyny, we should turn to another history lesson that we learned from Bill Clinton—impeachment.

We can rid ourselves of Donald Trump. After all, it's never too late to Make America Great Again.

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