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Trump for Dummies
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President Trump is a different kind of President. Make no mistake about it. That was why so many people voted for him. He was honest. He used language we could all relate to. He insulted the establishment, put them in their place, he stood up to anyone who tried to insult him, with insults of his own. He called them out on their lies. His supporters loved him. He was one of us. He spoke like a construction worker, which is basically what he was. He spent over 60 million of his own money to get elected.

He said he was going to drain the swamp, build a wall and stop illegal immigration, bring back manufacturing jobs, heck, bring back jobs in general, lower regulations on employers, smartly lower taxes, stop the war on coal, negotiate fair trade deals, stop the dependency on foreign oil, help the veterans and the military. He said he was going to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel and get our allies to start paying their fair share in all the conflicts in the world and in helping developing countries. (He has actually done all of these things so far.) He was going to improve healthcare and either change or destroy Obamacare and it’s high deductibles and premiums.

He called that despicable Iran deal out for being the worse deal in American history: You know the deal. We gave Iran over 100 billion dollars in sanction lifting and debt relief, handed them $1.7 billion in cash, gave them some of their violent terrorists back who got right back to work, told them no nuclear weapons with no actual plan in place to ensure this happened. The deal that the Obama administration went around Congress for, no one cared about that though!

Trump has been checking off these promises and so many other things in his first few years. He had to do a lot of it with executive orders because he could not get the Democrats in Congress to work with him…..too busy trying to find crimes that he may be guilty of that usually pointed back at them. He did have to have Congress work on healthcare, and so that is the one thing he could not accomplish, but he did do a lot to lower prescription drug prices and get more generic drugs on the market. Trump is a one-man wrecking ball, changing legislation, passing new ones, putting more judges on the circuit court block than anyone before him in such a short time. He got the military 700 billion in funding and a raise for our military members. He did help veterans by giving them the VA Choice Act and gave them access to walk-in clinics and hospitals. He is going around Congress to get the wall built.

NATO allies are spending billions more in defense spending then they were before Trump took office. We did get out of the Paris accord deal, which was killing our jobs. Negotiating great trade deals that will lead to more jobs, and yes, we now have the lowest unemployment rate in modern history. The list of accomplishments goes on and on. I am just highlighting a few.

Trump was attempting to run the country while the Democrats were trying to find something to impeach him for from the very day he was elected. Maxine Waters and many others started chanting impeach 45 from his election night. They just had to find something. They are still trying.

Hillary Clinton was the one who paid the Russians for dirt on Trump, which was proven false, Clinton was the one that tried very hard to rig the election with the help of the FBI and Justice Department. Clinton was the one who was spreading classified emails through unprotected laptops and blackberries, she bleach bit the hard drive and smashed her blackberry with a hammer. The Clinton's are the ones who had the pay-to-play fake foundation. Donate millions and you received all kinds of special favors. They have literally gotten away with murder, and because they keep buying their freedom, everyone says they are innocent. The insurance policy was in place in case he dared to actually win. He did, and they have used everything in their arsenal to get him out of office since.

Trump and his family have been threatened with physical violence, including his son, who was just eleven years old at the time. Comediennes seem to have lost their mojo because they only know how to attack Trump, and they are just cruel and not funny to anyone. Hollywood seems to think they are the moral compass of the USA. That is a joke in itself. The fact that immoral Hollywood, with all its corruption and unethical behavior, is supporting the Democrats because they are the good ones, supposedly, should make anyone run in the opposite direction. His staff and the Republican party, in general, are chased out of restaurants by a few loudmouths, The low is the several teenagers who have been attacked by grown men for wearing a Make America Great Hat. The mainstream media has become an extension to the Democrat party. They all seem to agree on the daily talking points in the morning, and then they all push the same ones all day, mostly unproven and downright false. They do not care about that. They scream Trump is a racist, a communist, head of the mafia, fascist, terrorist. They are the ones pushing the hateful rhetoric. Trump calls the media fake; they call him many other vile things. He calls everyone names: Pocahontas, crazy Bernie, low energy Biden, etc.

He calls people silly names, and the media says he has hateful rhetoric. The Democrats call him vile names, call for violence against him, his family, and his supporters. Somehow that is okay, but Trump calling someone stupid is hateful.

He stands up to everyone. He does not back down. Our allies and our enemies are getting a first-hand lesson in Trump. No one is going to take advantage of him or hurt HIS America again, not while he is in office.

Luckily, Trump seems to have alligator skin, and he does not take these attacks personally, all part of the job description. The fact that he has accomplished anything with everyone attacking him is incredible. His supporters see how hard he is working and how the Democrat party is hardly working at all, except to find something to impeach Trump on. I have noticed that whenever he points out a possible crime by a Democrat, it is suddenly turned on him as though it is his crime. I cannot wait for Durham to finish his investigation and see who actually gets charged. The Democrats are running scared, trying to get Trump out of office to end this investigation of them. That is the main reason for this. I do believe there will be heads rolling and it will be on the Democrat side of the aisle, not the GOP.

Lastly, Congress gets about fifteen weeks off a year, plus weekends. Trump has not taken a single vacation since in office, and the media complain when he goes home to Mar a Lago on occasional weekends and plays golf. Heaven forbid.

Also of note: Democrats proposed a nice pay raise for themselves, but luckily the motion failed; Trump donates his salary to charity every year.

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