Trump Feinstein Extra Terrestrial Misdirection

Does Russia control the US or do HETLAU?

Trump Feinstein Extra Terrestrial Misdirection
We recently discussed a concept called misdirection. In it, the possibility Hetlau control the government through a hextocracy, or another way of looking at it is the possibility the government is a hextocracy is evaluated. In order to accomplish this one of the keys was that ET / HET need to keep the civilians distracted from the possibility that is what is really going on.Using the analogy of a tennis court, the Earthlings are so busy watching the players hit the ball back and forth they don't think to focus on the net because it seems to have little or no importance relative what is going on.

If the possibility of Hetlau is real, then the HET as a group would be the net, individual HET would take turns as the players, each event would be the ball. The Earthlings would be the spectators.We looked at how Trump and Kim Jong Un arguing back and forth calling each other rocket man and dotard were a possible example of misdirection. Most people can't see the misdirection because they have never heard of the concept of Hetlau, they can't believe it is possible, and the concept of war seems too serious an event to play these type of psyops over.The latest spat by Trump and Feinstein (here) is another opportunity to see the possibility of misdirection taking place. There is an infinite number of examples of misdirection taking place each day, though the big name ones are usually easy to start with to try to see it.When you try to show the possibility of Trump and Feinstein performing misdirection most people immediately fall into the political trap. Rather than being able to step back and be objective from an ET Intelligence point of view they allow their Earthling Intelligence to control the situation and blind them from seeing the EvenT. They pick a side based on their personal political viewpoint and want to believe that is the truth as to what is really happening.The key is how you look at it and being objective without being political. If the concept was that Earthlings are the only ones on the planet then the political viewpoint might be worth evaluating. The key is this viewpoint is to be looked at from the possibility of Hetlau and political viewpoints should not be considered.If you are stepping into the actual content of the event then you don't understand what misdirection is really about. All you need to do is find an event and then decide if it is misdirection or subliminal dissemination. There are only two choices once you know what is going on.What is also interesting is when you read the names of the actors around the events:TRUMP = TRuth dUMP - (Is disclosure imminent?)KIM JONG UN = You know I am ETK = KnowledgeIM = I aMJON = JOiNG = 7 (alphanumeric)UN = UNo = 1Join 7 + 1 = 88 = EighT = ET (bracketing)Feinstein = Female EinsteinEinstein = alberT Einstein = ET (bracketing)I am not trying to say with certainty that any of these individuals are actually HET. Since they would never corroborate, it is just speculation. The key is to pay attention to all the information surrounding the events and what you start to notice is repeating patterns that are constantly occurring and a trend starts to develop that allows you to see the whole picture. All you need is for one of them to be HET and the theory is correct. After a while you will start to notice quite a few you think are HET.What this basically does is allow you to understand what disclosure should look like, not what it will probably look like. For instance, if SETI says they find radio signals and this is the extent to which disclosure is providing information, you can tell it's not really true disclosure.

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