Tale of Two Trumps


Donald J. Trump is either loved by many, or hated by most. On one side, he is an evil, male chauvinist that is racist to the marrow of the bone. On the other side, he is a breath of fresh, God-believing, Christian evangelical that will bring moral stability, true equality, and a stronger foreign policy and diplomacy. So which is it? The "left" hand or the "right" hand.

To begin with, it would be better to understand the historicity of Donald Trump to better comprehend the contemporary version. In the past, Mr. Trump was a little known real-estate developer until a landmark deal to rehabilitate a piece of Manhattan antiquity. Every investment into something of communal value to the City of New York turned into an exceptional goldmine. Despite all of the progressively substantial good in the outcome, there were desperate attempts to ridicule his character, slash at his businessman personality, and find something negative in the deal to insinuate a shadiness in the contract on his part.

All of the ridicule, alleged shadiness, and overall insinuations amounted to a robust amount of attention. Newspaper and magazine articles, headlines in the news broadcasts and national papers, who were running stories upon stories, or stories within a few pages of the front, and Donald Trump being the topic of conversation in them all. The press seemed to start flocking to The Donald like the miners did the gold in California. It is a though Jacob 'The Jeweler' believed that the 'Pink Panther' diamond was right in front of him with his name on the Certificate of Authenticity. So it became common understanding that if you want a story that is a headliner, follow Donald J. Trump.

Throughout the late 80s and early 90s, The Donald built a brand that people could rely on, invest in, and best-of-all ridicule. If your paper or magazine wanted a quick buck off of The Donald's luck, you could make money while The Donald made it, too. In the meantime, the Trump Empire kept growing despite occasional losses (just like a real business does) and it put a cap on that success through television with the series The Apprentice. Is there a point to all of this?

The media has helped President Donald J.Trump become the mogul of then, and the President of now. Every tweet, every meeting with the news coverage involved, every comment seems to bring the spotlight onto The Donald and enhance his image. The Democratic party and the media that support that party have declared that they will not provide coverage for his 2020 campaign and will not be led to a level of immaturity. However, President Trump makes a statement, includes a blunt and straight-forward argument, tosses in a derogatory remark (sometimes, and similar to his Democratic nemeses), and new articles and headlines are generated and more. The Democrats, or whoever, immediately go on the war path of defense and make a bigger spotlight, failing in their attempt to not be 'immature' and fall victim to an "insane," "ranting" chauvinist.

President Donald John Trump uses his tactics, his Art of War to play his adversaries' defense right into his offense. He has been successfully doing this for over thirty years. A plethora of articles have been written about it, several books have mentioned it in either entire chapters or in comments, and although all of this information is there, his adversaries still play into his game. It is a though the educated politicians, having spent all of that time and money in studying interpretation of law and political science, have no clue about his strategy. They lack the maturity, stability and structure to play the field and setup for a goal.

Finally, we have a President that is a businessman, who has created a brand with the help of his adversaries. Moreover, we have a President, who has built a Presidency with the help of his adversaries, Overall, there is a President in office, that moves in strategic pattern, utilizing tactics that are time-tested and proven, both in private and public business. Therefore, there is a touch-back every time on the field, by offense and defense, from Two Trumps.

Dr. Brian Smithberger
Dr. Brian Smithberger
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