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“Time to Get Justified: My Views on Donald Trump”

by Justin Wagner 4 years ago in trump

By Justin Wagner

What is it about Trump that his followers find so enthralling and captivating? Because I, and the rest of society who didn’t vote for him, would certainly love to know that answer from one of his supporters A.K.A. “sheep.”

How is it that those of us who didn’t vote for him were able to resist and not be reeled into his mind manipulation and bigotry, and those who did vote for him, ate up every last word of his bullshit with a spoon? Well I have my own logical reasons about why they are so drawn to him like flies on shit, because I have seen, heard, and read, enough bigotry from those people to form my own opinions.

A good percentage of the people who voted for Trump are from blue collar/working class backgrounds, backgrounds in which education isn’t something that is stressed beyond high school in general, many are lucky to even graduate high school. They have jobs where there is no diversity of people, there is no connection to the rest of society other than blue collar mentality. So therefore their education and views about society are very limited and skewed do to the fact of being less advantaged from an educational aspect.

Many are raised with ultra conservative/bigoted/fundamentalist types of values, values which are basically from another generation of people (and also didn’t benefit people in other generations the first time around, because they only hold back society from positive progress for all people). These types of views such as racism, sexism, as well as many others that marginalize and discriminate the people who are not part of the “status quo” are VERY outdated and antiquated for a modern society that is constantly changing. But for some asinine reason republicans hold onto these destructive and distasteful ways of thinking and living, because in their minds it gives them a sense of dysfunctional security.

They have the, “Well it worked for my grandparents or my parents, so it will work for me,” attitude and they want to live in a time before any social improvements were made for all of our society. A lot of them have views that are straight out of the 1800s, which when you think about it enough, speaks volumes in itself. Many of these people are afraid of change because they are afraid of having to share with other people who are not like they are, (in other words they want everything for themselves and don’t care about anybody else who isn’t republican) because it means they would get less, which is basically what the underlying message/mentality of the republican party is all about, that’s their TRUE agenda. Whether they want to admit it or not, IT'S THE TRUTH!!

Let me get one thing straight right now, at NO time will I ever address or consider Donald Trump “my president” because HE WILL NEVER BE ONE! I didn’t vote for him, because I don’t believe in, or support any of the disgusting, discriminative, and destructive ways he holds so dear to his black heart. There is absolutely nothing admirable or “presidential” about Trump in any shape or form. He has used so much discrimination, mind manipulation, bigotry, and just asinine childish behaviour in his campaign which was just an appetizer of what he is now doing to divide and destroy the people of this country even more in epic proportions. I refuse to lower myself and call somebody of his caliber a president because I have more respect for myself as a human being than to listen to somebody of Trump’s low grade caliber. Sorry but it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

I honestly feel embarrassed to say that I am an American in knowing who is currently residing in the White House. I don’t feel any sense of hope, safety, or security in knowing that somebody with so much bigotry is running the show. It has been one year since Trump has been president and he has given many more reasons for other countries to laugh at the United States and I can certainly understand why so many countries hate the United States because of people like Trump who are setting a POOR example of what all Americans are and how they are being viewed. Trump’s low grade attitude and unsavory personality are only showcasing a certain percentage of Americans who are, quite frankly, the worst of the worst, and should NOT be something people should aspire to be, or even be in the spotlight in the first place, because it’s shameful and downright embarrassing and doesn’t reflect what all Americans are in any sense of the word.

Some people reading this article may not agree with the things I have said about why I absolutely hate this man beyond all measure, but I have the right as an American citizen to freedom of speech, and I WILL use it to the best of my ability BELIEVE ME!! I don’t care if other people don’t like or don't agree with any of my views on politics, or just views on life in general because we all have DIFFERENT life experiences, none of us are the same. We all see the world thru what we have experienced in our lives and just because we all don’t come from ultra conservative, fundamentalist backgrounds doesn’t mean our liberal and worldly views don’t have any worth because I can guarantee you, they actually do have MORE worth, being those people have seen and experienced more in their lives, than others who have lived a sheltered/conservative/fundamentalist life and don’t know anything other than the conservative foolishness that was pumped into their minds for most of their lives in their small, white bread, conservative towns.


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