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This Isn't 1973!

I have noticed in the last few months, a tendency of the SNP supporters, to call Nicola Sturgeon, just Nicola. As if they have a personal relationship with the First Minister.

This seems to me to be very similar to the way teenage girls and boys act when they are besotted with a teen pop star. Back in the day when young people began to be interested in rock and roll music, the solo stars were almost always known by their Christian names, to their fans.

I really can't remember anyone referring to Harold Wilson, as simply Harold or Harry. All politicians were known by either their full name or by surname. Or perhaps something a bit more unpleasant.

By the 1970s when the glam rock and teen idols ruled the music charts, all were called by their Christian names. David Cassidy. Donnie Osmand. Elton John etcetera. The kids thought they had this very personal interaction with their idols. There was always the possibility of actually meeting their idols and becoming friends or something even closer.

The first time I heard someone, a middle aged woman, talk about "our Nicola," I almost spat out my sherry trifle and fell off my chair. I had no idea anyone would want to feel as if they had a personal relationship with a politician. This was very very strange.

Politicians shouldn't be worshipped by anyone, and especially by middle aged "sensible" people. They have no interest in the wellbeing of their supporters unless it provides a good photo opportunity and good publicity. Otherwise, they couldn't care less. Their priority is only for themselves and their careers.

Emotionally, they are cold, but can put on an appearance of concern, with amazing speed when the occasion comes along. Sincerity is a very unfamiliar emotion to any politicians. But they have mastered the art of appearance.

When a politician is obviously lying about the subject at hand, I find it very hard to understand people who will defend their opinion, when they must know that they are defending someone who isn't telling the truth. There are daily examples of this strange phenomenon. Donald Trump is notorious for his outrageous lying, but his rabid supporters would defend the lie until cows come home.

Nicola Sturgeon, is another politician who is economical with reality. But her own Sporran Legion go into battle against anyone who dares suggest she is running down the road with her pants aflame!

The great majority of people can smell bullshit a good distance, but for some reason these politician's supporters have no sense of smell. They are truly nose blind to bullshit. Are they so blinkered in their devotion to their shining star, that they have lost their ability for thinking in a rational manner? I have tried to replicate this strange phenomenon, but my brain cannot be fooled by political smoke and mirrors.

Just like the teenyboppers of the 1970s, nothing their idol can do, will sway their opinion of the person. But unlike the teenyboppers, the political nose blind never grow up and out of the devotional state. I don't know about you, but I find this inability to see reality for what it is, is extremely worrying.

This type of unhinged idolatry is what brought the world Hitler's Germany, Mussolini's Fascist rabble and Stalin's Communist cult. We should be very wary of any politician who engenders this type of unquestioning obedience.

These people are somewhat different to the screaming young fans of David Cassidy or Donnie Osmond. They have grown up and have left the undying love for their teen idols, to marry, have children and laugh at pictures of themselves wearing platform shoes and glitter make up. And that was just the boys!

If you come across anyone who is blind to the obvious faults of a particular politician or party, run the hell away in the opposite direction and alert the public. These people are deranged and dangerous.

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