They Just Don't Get It

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What do you do when all your representatives are idiots?

They Just Don't Get It
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It's been 531 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as our commander in chief, and every single one has been doused in controversy. The right will convince you that your feminist, liberal ideas are a product of a lack of parenting, and the left will have you believing that everything is a conspiracy. The truth is much darker, and much more complicated than many can understand.

As it stands now, Donald Trump has been under "investigation" for everything from fraud to bribery to sexual harassment. Are these claims true? Probably. Will he ever see a courtroom? Probably not.

It would be a fantasy to believe that these investigations are anything more than an attempt to appease those questioning his legitimacy as a governed official. At this point, many threats made by Trump in his campaign have come to pass. Families are ripped apart after finding solace in our "land of the free," and innocent people are dying every day because of the color of their skin in our "home of the brave." Our country is in disarray, reminiscent of the "whites only" days, when it was illegal to use a white bathroom if you were anything but white.

The only people that choose to face this fact are those who see the divide. These are the people who see injustice, but can do nothing more than post an Instagram story about it, or voice their fears to strangers who will go home and think nothing more of it. The sad truth is that we can't do anything about it. We can't change the system, because the system is rigged against us. The system is rigged to protect rapists, abusers, and officials who choose to break the laws they swore to uphold rather than change them to protect the children being gunned down days before graduation. The system is rigged to protect a President who couldn't give a damn about our Constitution and the purpose behind it. The system is broken, and instead of fixing it, we're watching them pick apart the pieces and shatter them all one by one until it's no longer able to be fixed.

Mental health is a joke. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. The President is given different expectations, and he can pardon himself if he so chooses. If kids die in schools, they must have done something to deserve it. If gays get gunned down in a club, God is taking his revenge. These are the excuses. Not our useless, power hungry President.

Our own damn President who has proven time and time again that he has no issue with lying to us. He has no issue with breaking the law to fit his own narrative. He has no issue with "pardoning" himself despite the fact that it is historically written that a President does not have the power to pardon himself.

Let me break it down for you: We have no privacy. We have no say. We have no backup. When your country stops fighting for you, that's when people get pissed off. That's when people start rallies, and protests, and constantly reminding you that you're fucking up.

Remember that whole checks and balances discussion when you were in the tenth grade? Remember the assurances that the President was not all powerful, and the process existed just to ensure no one branch had too much power? B R O K E N.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid for my future, for my children's futures, for my family's future. I'm afraid that one day I'm going to have to explain why there are walls to keep the "others" out, or why our country is falling apart. Because the truth is, America isn't the greatest country in the world. It hasn't been even close to great in a very, very long time. And as the right would say, that's not Trump's fault. He didn't cause the downfall. But he's chipping away at the wall one day at a time, and breaking down everything when he could be building it back up.

Are you still proud to be an American? At least you're free. At least you're home safe with your kids. For now.

Alex Dee
Alex Dee
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