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The Wild Life Meets The Mild Life

A Collegiate Mascot Sociology Study

By Marc OBrienPublished 3 months ago 5 min read
Peter The Peteeatrick Panda, A Character Created By Marc O'Brien

News bulletin reported daytime balloon inflation numbers rising as their hot air drove the human handled spectacles skyward. Despite the financial escalation the interesting statistic was worthy of a marching celebration entertaining mild lives featuring performers with wild escapades. A few miles away, Benny the Beaver tended to more important details as he worked feverishly during the late November month, finishing a dam Mr. Barclay commissioned.

“Oh dear, I have to get this done, if not Metropolis Island could end up like Atlantis who really does not need bad boy mowers,” the critter sweated out, seeing tree leaves rummaging.

Giving the situation a second, Benny waited quietly, and emerged from the disturbance, neighborly friends, Bruiser and Marigold, strolled clasping hands.

“You are working, way too hard, Benny,” Bruiser commentated.

“What are you doing?” Marigold added.

“I am completing a dam that Mr. Barclay commissioned me for,”

“A dam, why do we need a dam?” Marigold inquired.

“To prevent a flood,”

“What is a duck like you fearful of a flood?”

“I am not a duck,” Benny kept in control, “I am a beaver!”

Going back to work Benny did not ignore Marigold’s persistence, “who is Mr. Barclay?”

“He owns the venue,” Benny answered adding the final log, “this looks good to me.”

“It sure does,” the two bears agreed.

Filled with holiday festive spirit, Roc the Panther headed down the turnpike, carefully maneuvering his truck and its contents through the exit ramp. “Only a few more miles and I will be on Metropolis Island enjoying an enchanting nightcap.”

Feeling the fatigue generated from the largest Christmas tree search whose existence ends as a wildlife preserve holiday display, Roc wanted a break. After the festive presentation concluded, Roc figured Benny, the Beaver would be able to use the arbor remains to construct more dams.

Since he worked alone, Roc like Benny, had no loving partner, just a simple solo act minus a sidekick riding shotgun. Finally, reaching the security house, the panther showed identification and proceeded past the guarded area. Next couple miles enticed hikers and joggers’, but today orange construction area markers lined the streets.

“Benny must be up to something,” Roc thought.

Putting the rig in park, Roc stepped out, spotting two bears, Bruiser and Marigold, relaxing at the picnic table, and hiding behind him, Benny.

Going into theatrical shock, Roc couldn’t believe his eyes, “Benny is spending time with a married couple!”

Getting closer wanting to investigate the situation, the sleek cat heard Benny shout, “Hey, Roc! What do you have back there?”

“The biggest Christmas tree,” Roc boasted, “for the preserve.”

“What are you doing with married creatures?” Roc almost blurted out, “what are you all doing?” He asked instead.

“Going over safety plans if Metropolis Island gets flooded,” Bruiser interrupted.

“But that is never going to happen, Benny here created the nicest dam,” Marigold insured, “single people get things done, Benny’s dam, your Christmas tree, singles really know how to do a job.”

“They have nothing else to worry about,” Bruiser concluded, “they are single.”

“That is true,” Marigold seeing her husband distracted, “what is it?”

Appearing out of nowhere slowly strutting from the forest a sexy looking gator, “oh it’s Alberta,” Marigold felt relaxed, “she properly wanted some ‘me time’ from Albert.”

“Whose Albert?” Roc seemed memorized.

“Reptile, she shares residency with,”

“Hi, guys,” Alberta greeted.

“Where’s Albert?” Bruiser inquired while Marigold watched Roc grimace.

“He’s coming, look what he gave me,” Alberta showed a bright shiny ring, “we figure I have baggage, and he has baggage, so let’s put all the baggage together.”

“Great idea,” Marigold concurred.

“And here is the gator of the hour, Albert,”

With all the commotion, Benny noticed his single friend Roc withdrawal and hoped the flood gates were going to hold. Comforting his friend Benny told him, “you have an awesome Christmas tree.”

“And you,” Roc paused, “have a strong dam.”

“We are single, and we get things done,” Benny confirmed.

When everyone settled down and were able to sit together civilly another unknown variable entered the scene. “Mr. Barclay,” Benny was the first to notice the stranger, “dam turned out great, you should not have any unwanted river problems.”

“Wow, a bear couple, a gator pair,” Mr. Barclay observed, “and over here, the single buddies.”

“Beaver, who works way too hard,” Benny defended himself.

“And a Panther who travels too much.”

Smiling, Mr. Barclay thanked the group for all that they accomplished throughout the year and wished season’s greetings. As he departed Mr. Barclay’s cell phone rang, “yes my dear.”

“The wife,” Benny whispered into Roc’s ears.

“Loving supportive spouse,” Marigold donated two cents.

“Dam looks great, Benny did a wonderful job,” Mr. Barclay went silent, “I know I got all the wildlife together with the mild life, yes I got what I wanted, and yes the money was worth it, yes I got you something nice for Christmas.”

Separation reality started chiming, “we mild lifers need to get going,” Marigold announced.

“Yeah, Albert and I need to take a nap,”

Staring Benny and Roc grinned, “I am tired but rich when Mr. Barclay pays me.”

“I clocked many miles, and I am bushed,” Roc inserted, “and when the preserve pays me, I will be wealthy.”

As the six went in different directions Marigold offered, “Alberta, if you need me to show you, knitting and crochet, let me know.”

“That is okay, I am learning basket weaving and let me tell you the fisherman around here are ready to buy.”

Once there was space, Marigold turned to Bruiser, “she is not really getting married.”

“That is true,” Bruiser agreed, “and she is going to be successful, getting things done and dumping excess baggage.”

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About the Creator

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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