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The Root Of Partisan Divide

by Todd Simmons 4 months ago in congress

A Look At The Partisan Divide Perse and How Do We Fix It?

A look at partisan politics perse but who is the real villain in this story?

I'm going to attempt to shed some light on a truly dark topic, in the hopes that if we address the problem, maybe we can work together to the solution...

On Sunday Senator Joe Manchin made rounds pissing off democrats because he won't support “For the People Act” in its current form because it has no republican buy in. I actually laughed when Chris Wallace asked if he was being naive, the answer is yes, extremely.

But I argue that Manchin and Sinema just like Donald Trump are living in their own fantasy lands. Trumps fantasy land burst when he lost the election, and someday or in 2024, both those senators manchin and sinema will have to answer for their support of the filibuster in its current form.

The filibuster and the for the people act go kind of hand in hand because the filibuster are linked because the election of 2020 caused a serious mathematical senate problem only seen once, and that was during the bush w years. Manchin wasn’t a senator then, or Sinema, But the For the People Act even if it got Machin to vote for it and all Democrats in the senate it has a total of 50 votes. It doesn’t pass. It needs 60.

The Senate for the record did not have the filibuster in the original constitution, it was added later, much later, try almost 2 centuries later. If you remember the classic old movies you only heard of it as the talking filibuster from “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” where you had to hold the floor and talk your butt off to stall the vote process.

But I am writing this because I think all of us can come together on something significant. Did you ever hear of the filibuster or cloture until Mitch Mcconnell was senate minority leader?

Mitch loves to throw in everyone's faces those democrats nuked the judicial filibuster and even Manchin now is throwing his weight behind this and so we have to live with obstructionist behavior. When did Washington actually stop negotiating? For example the covi19 bills under trump, the 600 dollar stimulus, that was literally held hostage by Mcconell and Trump for 6 months, WTF!

I'm not trying to engage in he said she said, Washington is broken and I really think McConnell has a lot to do with this. When he came into power and when Obama won, he just decided not to work with the other party on really much of anything for no good reason, he worked with the democrats when bush w was in the white house, so he suddenly stops because a democrat is in the white house? its the only logical explanation.

So fast toward to Trump. All the bills in the trump administration where ghost written by pence McConnell and Kushner, Trump just signed, He actually didn’t pick ANY of his judicial appointments. He was just given a list and he signed off on and he studied the names just like he was learning his lines, never did his homework on a single judicial candidate.

I was very surprised that Mitch Mcconell won reelection. He was literally and still Is the most hated senator in America. The Democrats did put up a weak candidate but why do Kentuckians vote Mitch Mcconell in time after time?

Here is the point, the root causes of all this is that we all seem to vote for candidates that are not in our better interests. Also, even on the democrat side even Manchin, you know what the definition of insanity is? Repeating the same behavior over and over again expecting different results.

That is what we have done mostly with the house and the senate. The filibuster yes if its in the wrong hands it can be turned into a weapon but if its reformed properly maybe stuff like elections and voting can actually pass with simple majority. If Sinema and Manchin want to stay loyal to a tool that is not in the original constitution or the bill of rights they can actually lower the votes to say 55 for example for spending and constitution amendments.

So, my fellow American's I really do hope someday soon 2 things happen, first term limits happen for the house and senate because think about it if you have 8 years max for the presidency again not in the original constitution why cant the house and the senate have term limits as well? This is the real taboo topic of politics. Not tax and spend policies or the size of entitlements but politicians in the legislative branches term limits.

I really do hope Machin gets on board somehow to pass the for the people act because the gop on the state level is making the right to vote for more difficult and no one knows why and that’s extremely unfair.

In order to stay a democracy we need to start acting like one and these are modest changes considering the damage we seem to do to ourselves with just one bad apple as leader of anything. .


Todd Simmons

I'm 36 I live in Tucson Arizona originally from Buffalo .

I'm hoping to take on second a career writing i may have bad grammar but I have alot to .say

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Todd Simmons
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