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good politician in Tamilnadu

The Rolemodel
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The Rolemodel

Mr. R. Chandrasekar, B.E. is the Secretary of the Kovai South Rural MGR Youth Wing, as well as the Publisher of "Namadhu Puratchi Thalavi Amma."He also represents the AIADMK as a full-time politician.

Besides being a businessman and philanthropist in Coimbatore , Mr. R. Chandrasekar B.E. has been giving his time and money to help people in need. Recently, he has given most of his money away to everyone so that resources can be sent to the right place at the right time. He started the Alayam Welfare Trust to help the most vulnerable people in our society get the help they need to live a healthy, happy life.

This country has many slum areas in cities all over the country, and they are all very poor. People who live in these slums are so poor and desperate that our industrialists and wealthy people help them out when they need it. This is what happened during the recent COVID-19 pandemic: Mr. R. Chandrasekar in Coimbatore gave away as much money as he could.

People like R. Chandrasekar is a good philanthropist in Coimbatore give the money they make to the Alayam Welfare Trust, which does a lot of different things for people.

The Foundation wants to make the world a more equal and meritocratic place by giving people the skills they need to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. This is how the foundation does this. Coimbatore has a lot of undeveloped areas in education and art, so the foundation has set up a lot of new institutions and programmes in these areas.

It is called "Creative Philanthropy" because the Alayam Welfare Trust gives money to people who come up with unique ways to help people. It is a powerful one that thinks about how to build things that will last for a long time and have an impact on people for many centuries.

Most of his money goes to things that help people get better health care and learn new things. People who give money to charities can play a big part in helping the government get rid of malnutrition by 2030, says Chandrasekar, who has a lot of faith in philanthropy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With help from R. Chandrashekar, the foundation is working to get rid of malnutrition and unemployment as soon as possible. The Union and state governments are also involved. In addition to education and computer literacy, vocational training, the empowerment of women and children, and the well-being of the community, his foundation also works to help people in need.

We need people like this who work hard to make the country a better place for us all to live. It's important to recognise people who can help others because they can help change India by filling in gaps that other people can't.

He is part of the Global Paralympic Movement and paralympic president of tamilnadu, which encourages people to take part in competitive sporting activities by providing money for coaching, equipment, and travel in the run-up to the Paralympic Games. He also helps to find and help athletes who might be future paralympians, and he helps them get ready for the Paralympic Games.

As a result of their work, Indians with disabilities, including those who are blind, have been able to become more active. Tamilnadu paralympic coach has been given everything he needs to help para athletes improve their strength and speed. The Indian Paralympic Committee The Tamil Nadu Paralympic Sports Association is part of both the Indian Paralympic Committee and the International Paralympic Association. A government agency in India also recognises it as a national sports federation, and it is called the Federation of Indian Sport.

Constitutions are made to protect, secure, and promote good governance, accountability, and the well-being of everyone who lives in the country: the governed. We have governments because people vote for someone to run, like the best politicians in Tamil Nadu. These politicians need to make social and policy changes that help the general well-being of people in the state of Tamil Nadu.

A politician is someone who is involved or interested in politics, and politics is the science and art of government, as well as political affairs, life, principles, and more. In politics, there are "social relationships in which authority and power play a role." A person who does a lot of work in politics or wants to do a lot of work in politics is called a "politician." A person who works for the government and helps make decisions about public policy and how things get done. Our lives depend on good politicians in Tamil Nadu, and they play a big part in them. Their job is to make sure that their constituents' and people's lives are better. Good and trustworthy politicians love to serve the people and think of themselves as servants who are paid by the people. Their job is to show what each person in the state hopes for and what they want.

It is natural for a politician to have a lot of good traits, but some of these traits come from outside influences. The skills, experience, intelligence, honesty, and instincts of promising politicians are often backed up by these qualities. All of these things work together to help them achieve their goals. He or she has to be honest, religious, and kind to be a famous politician in Tamilnadu first. It is important for a politician to be faithful and effective because they are both trustworthy and reliable. People want someone who is sincere and honest. They also want someone who does what they say they will do, so they want someone who is willing to follow through on their promises. He makes decisions and takes responsibility for what he does and says, and he does that. In the same way, he treats his people the same. He promises to do something, and then he does it. The kind of person that people can trust As a responsible politician, he should love people with all of his heart, might, mind, and soul and try to help them.

Fake politicians also use their power for personal gain, not for the good of the people they represent. This makes them not care about the progress of the people they represent. The person who is a good politician in Coimbatore looks like the person who made them. It's important for a politician to be moral and law-abiding and not try to steal even a single penny or kobo. A good politician will do all of these things. Their greatest strength is their ability to be happy to help people and not to get rich by stealing money from the people who pay for them.

They know that a happy and meaningful life can only be lived by giving back to the world. To be a good AIADMK leader, your followers must trust you. People trust politicians when they can show that they have good values, beliefs, traits, and skills. This is the best way to do this.

Coimbatore's most well-known politician also has integrity and technical skills that can help him or her with difficult tasks, such as dealing with fiscal issues and coming up with ideas for new projects. Integrity means that your actions, methods, values, principles, expectations, and results all work together in the same way. It means doing what is right, both legally and morally, at all times, even when no one is looking, even if it is against the law. If you want to be a politician, you need to be well-educated and humble. You also need to have a lot of experience with social welfare, volunteering, or doing good things for the community.

A politician should know a lot about the area where he is going to run for office. In order to be an effective AIADMK minister, a person should be well-disciplined with a desire to help his people live a better life. The way he lives should show this in every way. There must be discipline in order to have a well-ordered society and in politics. Without it, social life would be very bad.

When you do selfless service, you put the well-being of the people you're representing ahead of your own needs. Winston Churchill said that it was "the first of all human virtues" because it is the quality that makes all other virtues possible. How does a good politician take care of and keep up with his people? He does this through the social welfare department of Tamil Nadu.

The minister of the department of social welfare in Coimbatore thinks that community service is about giving back to the people in the community. A quote from Theodore Roosevelt: "The most successful politician is the person who says what the people are thinking the most often and in the loudest voice." It should be against the law for someone who has been convicted of a crime or has been accused of corruption to be able to run for office in elections.

People who are responsible in democratic countries should also be loyal to their party, which is another trait of a responsible politician. A transparent politician is closer to his people and meets with them to learn about their problems so he can better help them, too. The only real politicians who are seen by voters when an election is near or when they change parties, like footballers who change teams, Politicians need to teach their citizens about the importance of political responsibility and democratic values in the same way that parents teach their children about morals, culture, truth, honesty, and self-responsibility. A politician leads by example and knows what he has to do as a person who has been chosen to be an official.

If you were asked to name the best politician in TamilNadu, who would you say? As a political leader, a good one should work for his constituents, not against them. When the people needed him, he came to their aid. He is always willing to listen to anyone. All of these things build a strong foundation for a dynamic society that can come up with solutions to any problem and then figure out how to make those solutions happen automatically. He is always willing to assist his fellow man.He should be very loyal and committed to the party that agrees with him on what he should do. Because trust is so important to loyalty, trust is the only thing that makes it worth it. Party: A citizen should belong to a party with the best people in it who are also patriotic, skilled, and patriotic. They should all have the same goals and aspirations. There are three things that make a team work well: common goals, mutual respect, and an understanding of how each person can help. There is no point in politics if it causes people to split up or makes people angry. In order to have power, you need to work with others.

The last thing you need to do to become a great politician or statesman or join AIADMK party is to make the most of your talents and skills, as well as honesty, integrity, challenges, and constraints, to help other people. It is important for a politician to leave his community better off than when he took office. A politician who always does what they say they're going to do is on the way to becoming a great person. He learns from his mistakes and how not to do things the right way again. Because someone doesn't agree with him doesn't mean their ideas and solutions are bad. Those who are good politicians show respect for other people's ideas and experiences. Anyone can learn anything, and no one has all the answers. In order to be a great politician, the person who wants to be one should be able to find and analyse problems in their constituency and come up with the best ways to solve all of them. In this world, there is not a problem that can't be fixed. A good politician knows that even small acts of service, social reform, kindness, or sacrifice in daily life can make a country great. This is what makes a country great. People will have a better life if all politicians make it a point to help people in their units and wards, as well as their constituencies, states, and countries.

A good leader in Tamil Nadu is someone who is fully aware of their own potential. This is the highest form of human growth, and someone who is self-actualized is a fully functioning person. The traits of people who are self-actualized can be used in this article, too. But the traits below are always linked to a good leader. It's important to pay attention to these things and think about them when we choose a leader.


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