The Real Class Struggle

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The truth is right here.

The Real Class Struggle
This image has nothing to do with class struggle, so why would I include it?

Within humanity there are four distinct classes they group themselves into as a hierarchy:

  • Elite
  • High
  • Middle
  • Low

The vast majority of the population resides in the two lower classes and provides the structure for society while the minority of the population in the two higher classes maintains the current system with them at the top. The Elite class has only emerged within the last few hundred years and was artificially created by the High class to help keep the system in their favor.

Originally, there were only the High, Middle, and Low classes. The Middle and High class were in constant flux with the Middle eventually removing the High class from power only to refill that position with former Middle-class citizens. The Low class was always too uneducated and fatigued to ever move out of their position. This cycle continued for most of human society. The average human condition has increased over time in both mental and physical capability, but when every human increases in value there is no movement between the classes. This apparent increase in value is also helpful to the High class in maintaining their power by keeping the Middle and Low class complacent because the Middle class revolts whenever the value is not increased.

In response to millennia of this vicious cycle, the High class then created a few simple alterations to the system in order to maintain their power and status without disrupting the cycle of power. They created the Elite class and moved themselves into it without telling anybody there was a new class and then allowed several Middle class citizens to move into the now vacant High class.

This way the Elite maintains their level of power and the Middle and High classes could remain in flux. However, one key to the success of this system was the anonymity of the Elite class otherwise both the High and Middle class would attempt to remove the Elite from power. To fix this problem, the Elite created pathways for both Low and Middle class citizens to reach the High class. This created confusion within the masses because it made it harder to determine what class any particular person belonged to and gave hope to people that they could improve their lot in life.

In fact, several of the members of the High class are carefully selected by members of the Elite class in order to keep the hope alive and pervasive in the Middle and Low classes.

In addition to creating confusion, the ability to progress in status created strange outliers in the class structure. Low class citizens could reach High class status without improving upon their education level and High class citizens could still be removed from their power by Middle class citizens. This meant the High class citizens were either busy maintaining their status above the Middle class or too ignorant of the reality of the world, because they were originally Middle or Low class citizens, to ever try moving up to the Elite class. Few even realize the Elite class exists.

For 99 percent of the human population, this realization is disturbing because they now realize they have been bamboozled by the Elite class. For the remaining 1 percent, this realization is inconsequential because they know how this story will turn out. For the majority of Middle and Low class citizens, a glimpse into how the system works is enough to satisfy their rebellious urges. The real High-class citizens and the Middle-class citizens who want change are too small in number to overthrow the Elite without the help of the ignorant and complacent masses.

In addition, though those people may understand how the new system works on a surface level, they do not know how it operates in detail, how it was created, or how to replace it. Technology has not reached the point where 100 percent of humanity can be equally successful, so the High and Middle class would have to create a newer class system to replace the current system made and maintained by the Elites or else society will descend into anarchy. Anarchy will most likely either lead to the re-instigation of the original or current system or will create an even more unfair system that puts more than 90 percent of the population into the Low class.

For now, the best course of action seems to be allowing the current system to run unabated until technology evolves to a point to create a utopian society somewhat instantaneously. The rate of technology’s evolution is increasing because the current system encourages innovation in the Middle and Low classes; since they are the majority of the population this maximizes the chances of one of their citizens improving the success of all humans through their innovation. However, the new system does not guarantee their creations will benefit humanity nor does it give each citizen the ability to see their ideas come to fruition. This is not a flaw of the system; it’s doing what it was designed to do by the Elite class.

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Wesley M
Wesley M
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