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The Obligatory Post about News Break

An opportunity for writers that people won’t shut up about.

The Obligatory Post about News Break
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Breaking News

Whenever I try to write something just for the money I feel like the double-crossing drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

"Looking for something special? I got what you need… Thanks for the money, sucker!"

Make of that what you will.

In unrelated news I've started writing on News Break — America's most downloaded local news app.

I plan to encourage Americans to drink tea, appreciate sarcasm, and pronounce niche correctly. Think of it as a public service. You're welcome.

I'd really appreciate it if you could follow my profile there. I don't have a compelling reason for you to do so unless you like reading my work. But yeah you totally should.

Download the News Break app

The best reading experience for News Break is available via their mobile app. You can download it here.

Admit it - you've always wanted to put me in your pocket and take me home with you.

Apply to join the News Break Creator Network

If you are a writer, and haven't applied for News Break yet, you can also apply to join their Creator Network program using this referral link.

This isn't an advert or sponsored post. The only purpose of this post is to tell you that I'm writing on News Break and help other writers discover the Creator Network program in case it's something they want to try.

Should you write for News Break?

No. To be frank I don't need the competition. I'm just kidding. I say go for it, if you want to, and wish you the best of luck.

If you want to write for News Break then apply. And if you don't then don't. You'll never know if you don't try but it's none of my business either way.

I'm going to write for them for the next few months and see what happens.

I can't tell you the ins and outs of my personal experience because I actually read my contract and we're not allowed to share such things.

But what I will say is this. There are a lot of asshats claiming to be experts on how to make money on News Break. If you believe that then I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

You know the ones. They're the self-appointed experts on how to make money writing online. How do they do it? By telling chumps like you that they have all the answers.

They know everything about nothing and not too much about that. Yes that was a Henry's Cat reference and no I'm not sorry.

Ignore all the asshats who pretend to hold the secret to your success. Ignore all the naysayers who tell you to not even try. Make up your own mind and do what works for you.

I'm here in the meantime if you want something fun to read.

James Garside is an independent journalist and writer. Join Chapter 23 for the inside track on all their creative projects and insights about life, work and travel. This post contains affiliate links. If you use them I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you. All views remain my own.

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James Garside
James Garside
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