The Labour Anti-Semitism Row: Israeli Lobbying, Zionism Stepping Stones, and Abusing the Holocaust

by Johnny Vedmore about a year ago in activism

More than just a media conspiracy

The Labour Anti-Semitism Row: Israeli Lobbying, Zionism Stepping Stones, and Abusing the Holocaust
A man whose fought against racism all of his life

The BBC presenters seem to smile smugly as they read out more accusations of anti-semitism leveled at Corbyn’s Labour Party. The headlines morph and evolve as they are told over the United Kingdom’s rolling news networks. First of all the newsreader tells of “anti-Jewish” comments made by a Labour member. But when no one is found to argue against the vague accusations, the wording changes to anti-semitism. The BBC is being constantly lobbied by the Israeli government, they always have been under significant pressure from the Middle Eastern nation, but about a decade ago, they appeared to stop fighting back. Now we are bombarded with fake news stories where the wording has become like a giant sticky cobweb, capable of trapping the naive passer-by, but also the shrewdest linguists.

I’m so fed up of hearing people who are in no way anti-semitic being accused of anti-semitism. Firstly, I have no religion. Religion was stuffed down my throat from the moment I was capable of understanding what was going on. I choked on religion, I was punished by religion, I watched people die for religion, and I’ve always thought they were idiotic to do so. It should be a human right for me not to have to pay any attention to someone’s ancient religious doctrine. Why should I be forced to give a damn?

Then, as a child, I saw the Israeli government stealing land from the Palestinian people. They were doing it violently and in plain sight, massacres taking place and being ignored by our British state broadcaster. I was told that they were allowed to take away people's human rights because their ancestors were gassed in the Holocaust. It made little sense until I was old enough to realise that the Israeli State and its supporters were using the horrors of the Holocaust as an ethical and moral shield. Because millions of Jews were murdered by a mad Austrian before I was born, Israeli forces are now allowed to legally persecute innocent people. I still can’t believe it, but that’s how society continues to act in modern times. Even worse, today it is written into law that criticism of Israel equates to anti-semitism. It’s no longer possible to criticise a country that is slowly enacting a genocide on the Palestinian people. Yes, genocide.

The BBC support the apartheid state.

The reason the BBC are actually supporting Israel must be because they’ve colluded with them for so long that they now see no way out. This anti-Palestinian culture cannot be allowed to continue. The BBC and the British State are institutionally racist towards the Palestinian people. The potential projecting power that the BBC has to use is unrivalled globally. They are the world's leading news organisation with the ability to sway the opinion of hundreds of millions with their breaking stories. But like all giant organisations, which have come before them, they have become so corrupt that they are beyond the point of no return.

While the BBC run stories on the so-called Labour Party anti-semitism row in the UK, over in the USA the same is happening with Fox News wielding accusations of anti-semitism to defeat its opponents. Yes, that’s right, the BBC tactics are akin to those of the right wing Fox News. The lines of acceptable journalism have been blurred by our introduction to the internet. Now the BBC utilises clickbait headlines to attract its audience and it’s credibility has suffered, as well as its standard of journalism.

Their ethical superiority was already visibly decaying and crumbling when James Harding took control of the BBC news department in 2013. Harding - a very close friend of ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne - would be installed to completely undermine the corporation. Harding, whose mother escaped the Holocaust to come to the UK, would align the BBC’s objectives with the agenda of the Israeli State. He had once written a book on political spin called Alpha Dogs: How Political Spin Became A Global Business and Harding would put his knowledge of political spin into practice with the BBC news coverage of Jeremy Corbyn as he became the UK Labour leader. In 2011, a year and a half before Harding took the BBC job, he declared his support for Israel at an event organised by the Jewish Chronicle saying, “I am pro-Israel. I believe in the State of Israel. I would have had a real problem if I had been coming to a paper (The Times) with a history of being anti-Israel. And, of course Rupert Murdoch is pro-Israel.”

The BBC have not had to fight these evil propaganda battles alone. The majority of Britain’s press, who stand against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party, have helped to back up any claim of anti-semitism without any question. This has led to many false accusations of anti-semitism to be reported as factual examples of hate crimes.

Lobbying happens in every democracy, it is also criticised everywhere it exists. The Israeli Government help to facilitate, and setup groups inside UK parliament to lobby for their interests. But with the funding behind these groups best described as shady, there are growing calls for the abolition of lobbying inside parliament. The Conservative Friends of Israel and the Labour Friends of Israel groups can both be considered as on the frontline of Israeli political influence in our parliamentary democracy. In 2010 the investigative documentary series Dispatches released "Inside Britain's Israel Lobby," presented by Peter Oborne, it uncovered the unhealthy and potentially illegal financial links between the Conservative Friends of Israel and the governing Conservative party. And more recently, Al-Jazeera produced a documentary called The Lobby which investigated the Labour Friends of Israel and their links with the Israeli embassy. Both documentaries left many viewers concerned about how these groups are allowed to operate with zero regulation and no legally restrictive financial oversight.

The LFI and CFI are the visible wings of Israeli government espionage and influence. They use the greediest most unethical politicians not only to lobby but also to ask questions in parliament. In that way they can skirt around any "cash for questions" regulations and influence UK parliamentary debate. Both groups claim to be working towards a two state solution but are always unable to explain how this could be achieved or implemented. Meanwhile, the Israeli settlements—seen as illegal under international law—continue to expand.

The Labour Friends of Israel chairperson and elected Labour MP for Enfield North, Joan Ryan, was caught on hidden camera acknowledging a secret donation of over £1,000,000.00 from the Israeli embassy. And though the footage is all over the internet she’s allowed to simply deny ever making the comments. How can we stop our democracy being interfered with by foreign states when our police and parliament do not take action when it is broadcast across the world? In Al-Jazeera's The Lobby documentary, Joan Ryan was also exposed as using the term “anti-semitism” to avoid discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The nature of the fake anti-semitism row has already been exposed as a farce but it still gains traction because it has morphed into an actual media conspiracy.

Ignorance surrounding Zionism

Once upon a time I enjoyed listening to James O’Brien on LBC. I could forgive him for taking wobbly positions on most subjects as he was a talk radio presenter—what else would you expect? Then one day I was listening to one of his shows, via FCA Incorrigible on YouTube, and I heard him make the most peculiar claim. “There is no such thing as Zionism, it was invented as an anti-semitic trope so that racists could bully Jewish people!” Well blow me down! O’Brien really surpassed himself with that statement. I had to go and check that I hadn’t imagined the existence of Zionism, but it hadn’t gone anywhere, Zionism was in fact flourishing. The topic under discussion on the popular LBC show was Jeremy Corbyn and his excessively anti-semitic lifestyle. Now, you may have believed Jezza was a preoccupied socialist gardening freak with no time to spare, but that isn’t the case. Jeremy Corbyn is a professional anti-semite with a doctorate from the University of Hamas and a P.H.D. in slurs against Jews in general.

That may have been an exaggeration. Jeremy Corbyn is not someone with a track record of being anti-Jewish but he is a man with a history of criticism aimed at the actions of the Israeli State and, more notably, he has been a staunch critic of the fundamentalist political ideology of Zionism.

There are many problems with the terminology around Zionism. Zionism is the political ideology but you can be a Zionist without practicing any of the various forms of political Zionism. A Zionist is basically someone who believes in the Jewish right to return to Israel. Where as Zionism is the practice of trying to get people to return to Israel for political reasons, mainly as a form of illegal land reclamation, hence the argument of Israeli settlers occupying Palestinian lands. While the practice of political Zionism is left to continue unhindered the result will obviously be the end of the Palestinian people through a cultural genocide. This is why the issue of Zionism is not discussed in the mainstream media; it is presented as too nuanced a subject for the average intelligence. In fact the political agenda of the western nations have silently supported this eventual one state solution. So, be very aware, if you question Zionism then you will be attacked and silenced quickly and with venom.

In Jeremy’s case, they sent Margaret Hodge after him. Margaret Hodge uses the memory of her ancestors, some who were brutally murdered in the Nazi concentration camps, as a cheap political tool to try and oust Corbyn before the next election. How could she? Such a completely outrageous thing to do, especially as Jeremy Corbyn must have great sympathy for her loss. But nothing is allowed to interfere with operation Zionism. The Israeli government’s actions are those of war criminals. Protestors shot for walking towards a fence, medics shot, children killed, and Netanyahu speaks of how the weak will crumble. This is the real front line of the fight against Zionism.

The disingenuous controversy surrounding Labour refusing to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliances definition of anti-semitism verbatim is part of a wider war against Zionism. It is also a form of compelled speech. The right to criticise a political ideology is a mean hot topic in the battle for free speech globally. However, Lord Goldsmith, talking to the establishment house elf known as Evan Davis, on BBC Newsnight, stated that “anti-zionism is the new anti-semitism”. That is the establishment line as clear as day. If the powers that be are allowed to frame anti-zionism as the new anti-semitism then it will be the most Orwellian occurence of my entire existence. It must be exposed for what it really is. An attempt to silence any criticism of the Israeli government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, whist they commit a violent, illegal, and systematic genocide of the Palestinian population.

Abusing the memory of the Holocaust

All of the various minorities who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust are being regularly used as political tools. This has become the legacy of the millions who were murdered in the Holocaust. Many of the living ancestors, who were often personally affected by losing families at those fascist death camps, are using their relatives' terrible demise as a political tool. In doing so, there is a cost. The more that the Holocaust is used as a weapon disingenuously, the more it will diminish its effect as a future deterrent to the collective conscious of mankind. We have gone so far that we allow the state of Israel to murder men, women, and children. We all know that it’s happening. Even the people wielding the memory of the Holocaust as a political sword know what’s going on in Gaza. People are afraid to talk about the psychological effect that the Holocaust has on the present generations. Many fear the term ‘anti-semitism’ being used against them, and their names being tarnished forever. We do not have freedom to speak about this without the risk of being labelled as such.

Over the last few years, I have heard a certain phrase repeated by various people in the Jewish community. ‘This is the new anti-semitism’ was regularly utilised by people who were trying to change the definition of anti-semitism so that they could weaponise it even further. These people wished to permanently connect criticism of the state of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people with being anti-semitic. Recently, this agenda became more ouvert, and of late the people who have been pushing for this have seemingly succeeded. The definition has been officially corrupted, and written into law in many countries. The modern world seems to be in flux, and our current playbooks of potential strategies are no longer compatible. Now that groups are redefining words legally, we can truly see a dystopian world approaching us at speed.

We must fight this version of compelled speech the only way that we can, we must refer to the Israeli government, headed by grand wizard Benjamin Netanyahu, as the modern Nazi party. In making such a comparison I may have become a criminal. It’s not an obvious hate crime, and even though I don’t condone violence, this simple comparison is illegal in many countries.

We have been brought up bombarded with tales of Nazi atrocities, with gloomy movies about the inner workings of the Nazi concentration camps. And although the holocaust has been drilled deep into our culture, we are no longer allowed to discuss it openly without fear of being framed as a hater of Jews. Freedom of speech is under attack, and if our ability to criticise Israel is limited to whispers in the shadows then we can be sure that another event like the holocaust is just around the corner. In fact, it has already happened.

After the second world war, tens of millions of human beings, mainly Soviet and Chinese were put in gulags and death camps. More people were killed by the hands of Stalin and Mao than by Nazi concentration camps. Yet we almost completely ignore that. We ignore that genocides happened again in Cambodia, Rwanda, Kosovo, North Korea, and currently in Myanmar. Instead, the same governments who protect the state of Israel from taking any responsibility for their obvious war crimes, help in destabilizing the Middle East, Asia Minor, and much of North Africa. The War on Terror, which originated in Saudi Arabia, has been responsible for the death of millions, yet no Saudi official has ever been held accountable for their support of the Wahabi terrorists who brought down the World Trade Centre buildings.

So, while the many supporters of Israel warn about the dangers of anti-semitism, many more Muslims in the world suffer daily from Islamophobia, and we say barely anything. It’s not just the Jewish who were targeted by the Nazi’s, many minorities were victims of Hitler’s madness, but they seem to have no modern voice. There was no land given to the Jehovah’s, the disabled, and the gypsies following WWII. Only the state of Israel was given land which was already home to the Palestinians. They were given someone else’s land, but if you point that out then it classes as one denying the right for the state of Israel to exist. This is lunacy. By international law, Israel have the right to exist in the land they were originally given, but they have stolen more Palestinian land via illegal settlements. We all know that the occupation of Gaza is illegal but Israel has been given carte blanche to break international laws. And now we are compelled by law to let the Israeli government finish the job. Palestine has been ravaged by its occupying force, and soon enough it will no longer exist. What we are witnessing is a successful attempt at cultural genocide, and the murder of a nation.

Over the next few decades we will see the Palestinian land shrink further. During that time I believe sympathy for the evil acts of the IDF will decrease at a relatively equal rate, but eventually the destruction of Palestine will be complete. We need to see the recognition of the Palestinian state by the UN in the next 15 years or it’ll be too late.

Boycott, divestment, and sanctions are now the only non-violent ways to achieve change.

Johnny Vedmore
Johnny Vedmore
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