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The Kim Who Cried Wolf

Your days are numbered.

By The Rogue ScribePublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Kim Jong-Un, leader of North Korea. has threatened the U.S. for many years.

On January 1st, 2024, a news cycle reported that Kim Jong-Un wanted to "annihilate" the U.S. if "provoked". Whether this is true or not, that's up to North Korea to decide.

To be precise, this entire slippery road of negotiation began in the late 1980's. That's 40+ years of "threats" and "failed attempts" from this so-called "leader". Okay, so the United States, along with other countries, have been "warned" of nuclear warfare if North Korea keeps being provoked in some way. Now what does Kim Jong Un really wish to do?

The answer is: nothing.

This is a prime example of a completely broken man following in his ancestors footsteps blindly and "threatening" others to save himself. It's not even in the name of his own "nation", not in reality, although he might argue against that opinion.

The point is that none of his arguments, his reasons, or anything have made or will ever make any sense.


Kim Jong Un, along with the entire population of North Korea, have virtually created a completely false reality and narrative for themselves. They "think" that the U.S., along with other nations, are "threatening them". This is false.

No one wants to eradicate North Korea. No one has made North Korea an "enemy". No one "hates" North Korea in any way. In fact, if anyone "hates" North Korea, it's probably its own "leadership". They live completely deprived from the outside world, propaganda runs rampant, and people can be imprisoned or even killed for showing any signs of "betraying" the "great nation".

The list can go on, but the point is that they're making themselves a victim without a cause. I'll calmly continue to wait for the proof that this "great nation" is somehow getting bullied around and I'll prepare myself to be corrected. Until then, the point stands.


Let's pretend that North Korea has unstoppable nuclear power and it can hit any target in the entire world. Let's take it a step further and pretend that North Korea has ultimate power across the globe and no one can or will interfere in any military or intellectual way.

Geographically speaking, North Korea is a dot compared to the U.S.

Statistically speaking, and you can do the math yourself, North Korea has zero chance of survival from a military standpoint. North Korea has nothing except empty threats.

This isn't considering that other countries will also act in opposition of the one who launches the first attack. If North Korea were to attempt "annihilating" any country, the immediate response from the global community would certainly be to "annihilate" North Korea off the face of the earth.


Argue all you want: North Korea going to "war" against the United States or any other country is illogical by any means. Kim declaring or threatening war every other time the world goes into chaos to bolster his position of "leadership" leaves him extremely open to criticism.

Worse off, it really puts his mental and emotional health into question. I understand that questioning the "great leader" isn't something that his own people will do for fear of violence brought about by his own regime - but I will.

There's nothing else to say for now. I'll just continue watching this man make a fool of himself.


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