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The Internet Is Taking a Stand Against Net Neutrality Changes and This Is Important for Home Entertainment

Major companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, and many more have rallied together with protesters that seek to help protect the internet from proposed changes by the FCC.

By Dustin MurphyPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

There's no doubt if you are reading this, that the internet is something of an importance to you today. Whether you are working on write-ups, working on a spreadsheet for your job, or even sending emails for correspondence; there's no doubt you are using the internet in some way. When you're in your free time, there's probably no doubt that you are possibly watching a YouTube video, listening to the radio on Spotify, streaming a show on Netflix, or even playing your favorite online games.

It goes not-without-saying that the internet is an integral part of our every day lives. It encompasses our use for any form of communication to date. However, there's something big in the works today, and today it matters more than ever. Today is the day that major companies such as Amazon, Google, Netflix, and many more have rallied together with protester's that seek to help protect the internet from proposed changes by the FCC.

Their rally cry? For you, your friends, and even people like myself to fight against the changes the FCC wants to make.

So How Does the Changes to Net Neutrality Affect My Movie and Show Streaming?

Netflix Logo (Credits: Netflix)

It's simple. The changes the FCC have proposed would do multiple changes to how ISPs can treat your internet. Under the proposed changes, the FCC would no longer classify your internet service as as a Type II communication service. That classification puts it in the same grouping as say your home phone, rather your cellphone in the modern day. This classification limits what your ISP can do to your internet.

If you notice these days, internet companies such as AT&T, Comcast, and even Suddenlink can no longer throttle your internet based upon what you are doing. This wasn't the case before 2015 where ISPs were allowed to classify how your internet worked based upon the package you owned. If this change happens that the FCC wants, you'll no longer be free from this happening again.

The FCC wants to roll back those changes as they feel it hinders growth of the internet and hurts ISPs more than it does help them. The truth is? It doesn't. It doesn't hinder the ISPs in the way the FCC says it does. Instead it protects you, the consumer, from having your movie or TV streaming throttled based upon your package.

It prevents even the gamer's in your house from having to require your package to include both gaming and video streaming services. Under the changed regulations, they can even deny you access to websites based on what they feel is beneficial to them over you, and even play favoritism to their preferred sites over their competitors.

With That at Risk. What Can I Do to Stop This From Happening?

Buffering Logo (Credit: Google)

As you may already know, companies such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and many more are opposing the changes the FCC wants to make. Trust me, you should too. It will prevent a possibility of a free-and-open internet from being taken away from us.

If you want to avoid having the internet go back to the way it was before 2015 where ISPs could regulate your online capabilities, it's highly advised that you head on over to the Internet Association's Action Page and stand up against Ajit Pai and the FCC's want to roll back the protections that were put up for every day consumers.

While there's no doubt that this rallying cry is small among the many out there, it's definitely a cry that's worth standing up for, and standing behind as the FCC looks to take us back to an internet that is unregulated by government mandates that protect us as consumers.


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