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By Lake HallPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The remembrance of the sewing

The timing of the statements

The patterns of mandalas and stars

Plaids and diamonds

Solids and tie-dyes

The way we fought for the same flag our found heritage built and stands for

The division brought along with strength and structure

From the bloods to the caged warriors of POW

To the eastern stars and drug lords.

We see them and we love them.

Used from head wraps to designer neck ties and sweat rags.

They are the extra needed to say I stand for that.

Masked up or thrown down its still a bandanna and a head scarf to the black man

The strength in tying it front to back after a long day of work of just after getting that French roll that the pin up girls had in the days shows how needed it is in the woman’s world.

The man’s perception is of strength that no man can deny. It even catches the females eye when she wants to be involved in the physical aspects of her partner.

Scarfs, rags, flags, bandanna, cloths, they are all a blanket for security!

Reminding us every time that its meaningful and intentional.

Yet how quickly it can slip away.

From your head scarf sliding off your freshly done ‘do’

To the flag of the United States sweeping the ground

Its detrimental to the spirit of the beholder.

Flashing heart racing in the neighborhood in the ‘hood’ where you think the gangsters really walk with the red and blue flags hanging out the back side praying that you know them language if they ever approached you,,,,,

The stylish swag that’s applied during prom season when it’s a mandatory statement that matches your bowtie and suit.

To the Latinos who need the respect when its seen walking through southern California and Texas.

Having too many is a inside joke to those who endeavor in the wearing and representation found in them.

Seeing the little women on ole country western prairie movies inspires the woman to be free of judgement and self conscious ideas,

All while the cowboys and ranch keepers covered their face just to prevent dehydration and dust storms.

The need for one while you need not for one on a random day in the garden.

Catching the sweat or whipping the hands clean the bandanna is the necessity despite the life one chose to live.

To the masked corner store robber who think no one saw you running in with a black bandanna around your face and a red on hanging out your back right pocket and on tied around his partner in crimes ankle, nice way to blend in with the neighborhood kids who just so happen to have the same school colors walking home and gets arrested on a count of suspect in witness resemblance.

From the red standing for the blood shed and sacrificed for the country to the white representing pureness of heart of the solider in arms and the blue for the reason fighting behind those who don’t have the hope and strength to fight for themselves. The one flag that is hung high and taken low when our structure has been compromised by tragedy in the nations leaders.

Getting that black girl magic hairstyles, you’ve waited for in the chair for 4-5 hours and then tossing one of those nice satin headwraps on, just so you can wake up early to take it right back off and show off the laid edges and the slick ponytail your great grandmother’s mother wanted just so she could get that job!

If its not a formal party or a sleeping necessity you can’t walk around with a bandanna on without getting a look that’s not needed.

To be respected or disrespected when one is applying the fashionable piece of fabric with whatever type of label to name it…….

Is it, do you care, who cares…..

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Lake Hall

been awhile. 2009 to be exact. does this show joining date? 5.2.21

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    Lake HallWritten by Lake Hall

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