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The Fat Tax on Clothing

by Mason Palmer 4 years ago in controversies
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Is it fair?

There has recently been some discussion about putting a tax on clothes of a larger size. This has sparked outrage in some areas, and in others, they see why it's fair. In this post, I will be putting my views forward on the situation.

Straight away, I will say that this tax in my eyes is completely justified. The reasoning for this is because the retailers who are making the clothes are having to use more material for people of larger sizes. You may think it is unfair to people of a larger build to have to pay more, but it all comes down to this. People who are fat have chosen to live that lifestyle, so when retailers make clothes of a larger size, it is costing them more money than it would to make an item of clothing for someone who isn't as fat. I don't think it is fair on retailers to not make as much money just because someone chooses to have an unhealthy lifestyle. The problem with this is that the fat community have come out and said that the retailers who are putting this in place are "fat shaming." This just isn't the case. Since this story came up, I have been saying that it's just like buying bed sheets. If you choose to have a king sized bed, you will have to pay more for a larger bed sheet, whereas if you had a smaller single bed, you would be paying less for a single sheet. Your choice on the size of bed is dependent on your lifestyle, as is your body mass. Saying that the two aren't at all comparable would be wrong as they are both a choice you make.

An argument that has often been made on why the prices on the tall collections haven't been increased, or why the prices on the petite collections haven't been decreased. I will explain why this is different to the fat tax. The reason why the tall and petite collections haven't changed in price is because being tall or small is completely uncontrollable. Why should tall people have to pay more money because of something they can't control? Comparing the tall and petite to the plus sized clothing is ridiculous because, as I've stated before, your body mass is your choice. So why should retailers lose money because of a choice plus sized people made just to make it convenient for them? It is not fair on the businesses. Tall and small people should not be treated the same way due to something completely out of their control. Comparing them to each other is absurd, in my opinion.

As a skinny person myself, people would think that this is why I don't have a problem with the fat tax. However, all the clothes that I buy are XL as I enjoy wearing oversized items of clothing, so this tax will affect me also. I do not feel comfortable in clothes made to fit me so I will have to continue buying the plus sized clothing and I still think that this tax is completely fair and I support it 100 percent. The more materials being used due to a person's lifestyle choice, the more money it should be.

More materials, more money. Bigger size, bigger price.

Thank you for reading. Check out my other posts.


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Mason Palmer

One half of Kwispy Flicks over on Youtube.

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