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The Case for International Gun Registration

by Matthew Primous 10 months ago in activism

A Cause to End All Wars

The Case for International Gun Registration
Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

The War against Guns has always been a priority not just in America but also in the world. Guns are one of the biggest polluters on the planet. It is not enough for one country to ban them or their high magazine but all countries must ban together to end all wars. What made the War on Drugs so deadly? Drug dealers have unlimited access to guns and weaponry, And they did so because of the jurisdiction of other countries. Drug dealers would hide in other countries to terrorize the countries' people to win power. Guns have always existed to overpower others. This is why there is a need to eliminate their effect on civilized societies. And when the internet came along, it strengthens the Black Market which sells drugs, guns, and all types of exotic things including humans. This must not exist any longer in society. Someone has to answer to this crime and we must and the world must break through this barrier to secure future generations. There cannot be any doubt about the consequences of leaving guns unchecked and balancing the power of the weaponry. There can be no peace and harmony while guns are freely given to anyone without a dignified purpose. Each year, we hear about the mass shootings in schools because of unauthorized access to guns, not only in America but around the world. We hear how school children are kidnapped due to some terrorism in foreign continent's nations such as Africa. If we are to win this then we got to make a mark for all people.

We have to hold nations accountable for relaxing laws on guns and weaponry. Did you know that terrorists receive a good portion of their guns and weaponry from other nations who leave them behind in wartime? Experts believed there could be millions of weaponry and guns left from past and present wars that fall in the hands of terrorists. This must end and we must care about our world. We must consciously fight wars, not for greed and not for power but only for democracy and by democracy. We must adopt laws that reduce drug charges and also repair communities hit hard by gun violence and drug laws. This is not only in the cities but also in the towns. Guns must be regulated internationally, nationally, statewide, and locally. Every part of government must be focused on winning this war. Law enforcement officials must learn to reason and use non-violence whenever necessary. The myth about guns and weaponry is that the more someone has, the more power they have. They can use their force on whomever and take whatever they want. Like a soldier in battle, they shoot to kill and they decide who lives. Democracy has been built on guns and weaponry however that history has greatly impacted its ability to reason because they cannot reason with force only with knowledge. It is diplomacy and knowledge that can tackle the barbaric acts of guns and weaponry. It is time to educate even with metal detectors in public buildings and more security guards in hallways. And we need psychologists and therapists to internally dismantle the agony of these troubled individuals that turn to drugs, guns, and violence. And we must teach about the consequences of such behaviors, to inform the generations that this will not be tolerated any longer until the ideology of guns and weaponry has been broken down to reckless and ruthless behaviors severely punished under the law. This will undo the constant pain in the world's democracies and restore justice. And governments must end seeking new weaponry and guns for war only updating present technologies to serve as an example to society.


Matthew Primous

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Matthew Primous
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