The 4th of the 19th

Independence Vs. Freedom

The 4th of the 19th

I just got done celebrating the fourth of July, but before the comments of coonery start... I do understand my people did not achieve freedom until June 19th, 1865.

That's almost 100 years later!!!

(And yes I celebrated June 19th too. (And no I didn't dress up in the red white and blue.))

I actually got accidentally hit with a flag and almost Lebron flopped into a Kaepernick kneel lol. But I'm chillin.

I digress a little. Look... I'm not and never will try to convince anyone to feel any way towards anything. This is mainly to continue dialogue surrounding a very sensitive subject matter in this country.

We're divided. As a country. As families. As people...

But why I decided to say fuck it and try and turn the intensity of the day into a small win for me:

One, it's my wife's favorite holiday. She completely understands if I choose to say screw it and not celebrate. For her it's a nice memory of family gathering, good food, and a light show... and honestly, why the hell would it be anything else to her? She had no hand in the decision making between 1776 and 1865. And realistically she doesn't have MUCH say in the decision making now.

Now that's not to say that citizens don't have a voice. And it's not to say it's not up to those with privilege to check those abusing theirs.

So what happens when you need to reconcile all the awfulness?

Well, for me, it's simple logic. My issue and what I understand mostly the issue being is the confusion of the terms INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM. In 1776, Americans won INDEPENDENCE. In 1865, Black people in America won FREEDOM.

Am I mad American colonialist achieved independence from the oversight and insane taxation from Britain... nah.

Honestly, big ups. It made it easier than to fight for our Freedom and win. What my issue has always been is the ease with which people use terms interchangeably.

Americans won independence, which only means they had to follow someone else's rules and didn't like it. They fought for the right to make their own rules. They were basically disgruntled employees (not to downplay the frustration they had to have felt). I hate when my mom tells me what to do. When I turned 18, I earned independence. Freedom I was born into thankfully, from the sacrifices made leading up to June 19th, 1865.

(So what's the difference, 1202)...

Welp, I'm glad I asked. Black people had to fight to no longer be considered property. They had to fight to be owners of their own person. For us to be our own owners. A "freedom" white Americans honestly enjoyed for years long before July 4, 1776. They weren't fighting to not be caged like animals and piled like cattle.

So to all my blacks who decided to take knee yesterday. I respect your decision. How you take your small wins and exercise the freedoms we continue to work so hard for is your RIGHT.

Me, I celebrated America gaining independence today. Setting the stage for my ancestors... black children of black children who were dragged here against their will from a foreign nation, to be able to make the strides they did.

I celebrate America for winning Independence that allowed for Black Americans to take their freedom eventually and establish the black excellence that we have here in America.

And for the white people who still don't get it... well, Idk what to tell you. I know it's hard to hear that maybe you're not doing all you can. To hear MAYBE you're not as great as you think you are. And if hearing that makes you feel like shit, then maybe introspect a little.

Just... let's stop with the bullshit please.

For those who do TRULY get it. Well, thank you...

Photo by Brandon Mowinkel on Unsplash

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