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Thank You Mr. Trump, You Did Great.

by Blue Dymond 4 months ago in trump

My Unpopular Opinion

Thank You Mr. Trump, You Did Great.
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Dear Donald,

I applaud you. No, I don’t intend for that to be taken sarcastically. I one-hundred percent mean it. While some may complain about your narcissism, your bluntness, your egotistical need for extreme validation. Im here to say Thank You and to validate you in a way that no one else probably will.

We Will Never Have Another President Like You

There are a lot of shocked people in our country today that cant understand how we got to this point with our presidency. They are bewildered, appalled and angry. Whether it be because they feel like you are the best president they’ve ever had and they don’t want to see you go or because they feel you are the worst and they cant wait to watch your walk of shame out of here.

Me? I feel that you are one of a kind and that we will never have another president like you. You can be called many things but liar isn’t one of them. (although you should probably go see a therapist because you are quite delusional) .

You were gloriously blunt!

In my honest opinion I believe that you showed the true colors not just of yourself but also for the presidents before you. Even your followers had an issue with some of your comments but overall I think the biggest issue was that they couldn’t twist, hide, or change your words. You were extremely direct and blunt in what you had to say about everyone and everything. (Direct in A Narcissistic way but we’ll leave that alone for now).

You said everything that the racist presidents before you wanted to say and then some. There will be no such thing as perspective or taking it out of context when you go into the history book. People in our future will see you in the same light as the world see’s you today. There will not be different stories told or lies created to make you look a certain way. You will remain the same person you were the last 4 years well into the future.

So all in all I would mainly like to say thank you.

Thank you for using your narcissistic personality to reveal the hardships that my people have faced within this country since the time of my ancestors. Thank you for showing the superiority the white race has when fighting for something they believe in compared to a black person fighting for the common decency to live without the fear of dying by one of you. Thank you for showing us that you will never be happy with us no matter what we do. Whether we take a knee for racial injustice, march for freedom, or riot to be heard. You’ve shown us that no matter what we will always be looked at as thugs and animals that need to be kept in our place.

They don’t realize it now but eventually your followers are going to sit back and they will one by one start to understand what they stood for when they stood by you. They will begin to see the racial injustice in our country and one by one your followers will leave you. You will no longer have the masses stroking your ego and validating your stupidity.

The last four years has broken our nation in a way that will take years to rebuild. While others look at that as a bad thing I do not. So thank you Trump for allowing us a fresh start. For allowing us to build and form our story as we want and not the lies that have been fed to us. It took four years for you to tear down everything that this country stood for and it’ll take twice as long to rebuild. Thank you for your time, your ignorance, and your help in revealing the weakness’ of this nation.

Blue Dymond
Blue Dymond
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