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Thank you, Mr. Trump!

by April Thompson 🌻 about a month ago in trump

A 'thank you' note for our former president...

Dear, Mr. Trump,

These past few years, I'm sure, have been some of your best, at least in your opinion. However, for me, and millions like me, it has been a scary near half decade. At the start of your presidency, we heard stories and allegations about you and how you treated others, namely women. As a woman, this was obviously something that bothered me. However, I figured the country is made up of mostly women so surely, and because you want to make a good impression, we will be safe. As time went on, things got even worse. It wasn't just women that were being disrespected and made fun of because the president had done the same, but then immigrants became a target, resulting in multiple unnecessary deaths and dehumanizing separations. At the same time, the black community suffered far too many hits. I felt like we had been transported to the Civil Rights era of the 60's. We marched and protested, and instead of being heard, there were more killings of my people, and to top it off, you called Black Lives Matter Protesters, “thugs.” As a black woman who comes from immigrants and native indigenous peoples, your time in the white house has shown me the true definition of a dystopian society, growing and forming from the ground up, like a slow build of in an apocalyptic movie.

To honestly speak, I thought that you would do your absolute 100% best, or at least that's what I was hoping you would do. You've run businesses before. You've built up successful empires, so I just hoped that maybe you would be able to care for a country. I was wrong. Everyone has a purpose in this world. I believe and was always taught that God created us all for something specific. We're all meant to do something. You were meant to be in the cut throat, unapologetic world of business. You fit in well there! However, unlike a business, you can't control the sex, race, birthplace, sexual identity or preference of an entire country. You've gone out of your way to undermine hundreds of years of change, just to fit your own agenda and to build up your own ego. I am so sorry you chose that path. I was hoping you would do good, just like I hope everyone in such a position of power should.

Today, as I see how all of your actions have just crumbled down around you, destroyed your reputation, caused unimaginable amounts of death, and shame to your entire family, it honestly makes me sad for you. This sadness comes from the fact that I am your complete opposite. I did not follow your influence. I did not allow your words to incite me to violence or hatred. I don't want to be the people who broke into the Capitol building, the people who call ICE on their neighbors because it's their 'duty' or ride around with hateful flags in their trucks because you made them think that that was okay. I want to remember that this land is God's land. We are ALL supposed to be welcomed and loved here.

Even if there are people who don't feel this way, even if I am turned down for jobs because I'm a woman, even if I walk into the store and security follows me; I don't want to be what you wanted us to be. So, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for everything that you've done in the White House and for everything you've done to America. Seeing what's possible when we allow hate to be reborn in this country has inspired me and I know it has inspired many others to do everything they can to promote peace and love and acceptance, no matter what. We have you to thank for our heightened need to protect each other and do everything in our power to change the world and make it a better place, not just for us but for future generations as well. I'm sorry you couldn't be the good influence that we needed, but I am grateful that you were the negative influence that inspired us to be positive.

Thank you, Mr. Trump!


April Thompson

April Thompson 🌻
April Thompson 🌻
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April Thompson 🌻
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