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Don't let events like this get the better of us.


I have taken a little bit of a risk talking about this topic at the moment because of how controversial and raw it currently is, but I don’t think it should be that way, which is one of the reasons for writing this.

In recent events, such but not focusing on, the recent London Attacks that occurred on 23rd March 2017 which resulted in the death of 3 innocent victims and over 50 people being injured has made me reflect on my views – especially with it being a trending topic (online and in person).

I believe that I am very open-minded on this topic. I do not feel that terrorists can be categorised into religions, races, gender or any other sub-cultures. Also, I do not feel that the Bible, Quran or Tahkah can be translated to condone evil acts such as terrorism and killing. I would, however, say that any bible can be manipulated to give people reasons for thinking that they can morally kill in terroristic masses, as we see multiple, multiple times a year.

Terrorist organisations such as ISIS brainwash innocent children, women and men into getting themselves into a life of terrorist violence!

I have recently spoken to an unnamed Muslim police officer who explained to me how religion can be viewed from a different perspective.

He told me that "A lot of terrorist reasonings come from the belief that if you die doing a good deed for Allah – that you will always go to heaven in this way". He explained that this means that we should be devoting our lives to charity work and doing things for other people when we die/towards the end of our lives. In addition, he said "I get very upset when Muslims are showcased as being the majority or only religion to perform terrorism, but it's not about the religion – it's about the people. It has nothing to do with the Quran!".

I have seen in the media and heard around that people are focusing on the race of the terrorist in the recent London Attacks and that he was Muslim. However, he was born in the UK and as a British Citizen.

Just to focus our attention on the large amounts of terrorist acts, by a lot of religions (people). I have recently read one article by a Muslim Man from the US that showcased the different terrorist attacks over the years by different religions. In fact, a recent toll calculated that over 90% of terrorist attacks were by non-Muslims.

My next thought, which is a recurring one, is why do we target landmarks and government areas. This may seem like a straightforward question and the most obvious answer is because of the mass amounts of people in these areas and the amount of impact it will make. But have you thought closer into what the deeper meaning for this may be?

Police have had to be on high alert after every terrorist attack, and in the UK a severe terrorist strike probability has been launched.

Armed police have even been positioned full-time to what would have been considered less targeted places, such as Manchester, Newcastle and Coulby Newham, as these are now more at risk, in the eyes of the people and the government.

This stretches to become an issue to the UK as a whole; this is because of the countries re-assurance, or lack of, due to events like the recent attacks and similar attacks around the world.

I think the most important things in times like this is that we stick together as a nation, which indeed we have. It is absolutely paramount that we don't let events like this get the better of us. That is the purpose. Don’t let it (them) succeed!

Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips
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