"Talking Star: 'The Star Report: Is LeBron James a Civil Rights Leader?'"

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Can You Forgive Officer Aaron Dean?

"Talking Star: 'The Star Report: Is LeBron James a Civil Rights Leader?'"

On a Tuesday, Mr. Torain describes the rainy and cold weather as a sign of Autumn, which is part of “cuffing season.” He thought about locking down a female, and then banished the idea. Star says that he will be going harder in this webisode. New information says that Atatiana aimed her firearm at the officer(s) according to the eight-year-old nephew. In relation to the main topic, Star doesn’t care what LeBron James has to say. Mr. Torain then asks whether James is an expert of foreign policy. Star insists that the basketball megastar should be focused on a “goddamn championship.” A total of fourteen women have spoken out against Cuba Gooding Jr.

Mr. Torain wonders if the eight year old was questioned with a lawyer present. Also, if these words even slipped from his mouth. The phone lines open. Star does a bit of research by asking what state the caller is phoning in from and his age. He does this to calculate his actions, and to bring the numbers up on his show. Crime Skills calls into the show to discuss LeBron James. He says that these people don’t know their place. He co-signs Laura Ingraham in telling LeBron James to “shut up and dribble.” Mr. Torain challenges Crime Skills on his knowledge of the Bible. Atatiana’s home became a crackhouse in the minds of the officers. Star says that the “beast” rolled up on the victim. He states that he cannot forgive former officer Aaron Dean.

Caller says that he’s read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Mr. Torain wants to know when the nephew said those words, if he in fact said them. If it goes to trial, Star queries whether the nephew will be put on the stand. He points out that Atatiana carried a license. The caller says that it’s standard operating procedures (SOP) for police to announce themselves before opening fire. Star says that he wishes to hear from the Christian community with their forgiving sensibilities. Caller finds Mr. Torain to be “very intelligent.” Star asks the caller if Jesus was “perfect.” But what does this mean? Was he a committed, ultimate altruist? Was he consistently unselfish? Was Jesus consistently vicious according to the philosophy of Objectivism? The caller discloses his name as Kane Delpy. But Mr. Torain suspects that the Delpy is really Kid Dangerous. He quickly hangs up on him. Star doesn’t give a s–– what James says. A Super Chatter says that there will be melanin sensing robots who will open fire on people of color. Mr. Torain says that he’s going out “in a blaze of glory.”

Lou Caney chimes in on James, and discusses his viewpoint on whether the NBA player should open his mouth on issues that he may possess limited knowledge in relation to these topics. Caller says that James lacks a nationality talking about how “black” is not a nationality. “African American” is not a nationality. Boss Chick Ronnie checks into the show with words about the LeBron debacle. Star points out that LeBron’s jerseys have been set ablaze (this isn’t the first time that this has happened). Brother Moe sends in a Cash App saying that Dean should never be forgiven, essentially. Elvis “The Chef” Rosenberg still contends that the Atatiana case is a hoax. Garden Boy 1024 checks into the show. He retells a coke story that Star participated in that saw Mr. Torain giving up names when the cops kicked in the door. In an effort to preserve himself, Star paid no attention to the neighbor he knew who went under and got knocked.

Tiffany is a long time caller first time listener (strike, reverse that!). Tiffany makes the case that she forgives on a “subjective” basis, bypassing the objectivity that is involved in allowing an evil or an irredeemable vice. Star says that he’s been rejected by the Boys in Blue on four occasions. He provides an unbiased picture of how cops move with a guilty conscious. Tiffany continues to go down the “selfless” route by repeating the term. She supports the unselfish way of life and in this Dean case, she says that you have to be “selfless,” and questions the aptitude test for police officers. Tiffany signs off by acknowledging the Hater and Ronnie in one breath. Mr. Torain still holds ire for the neighbor involved in the case. Gorilla Zoe says that he would consider Americans before people in Hong Kong negating the fact that these protesters are fighting for liberty and are largely pro-American. Caller says that he can forgive former officer Dean. The Objective Hater appreciates the fact that the caller brings “a solution to the table.”

Star then relates a tale from his childhood where is father would answer the door with a pistol in his hand and shout, “What you want?!” Then Jason calls into the show and Star regulates on him. A caller then claims that he believes in Jesus of Nazareth. Star points out that Jesus died on a stake not a cross. He then requests for the caller to say the line “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” “Heretics, heathens, and whoremongers still roam the streets and need forgiveness according to Christians.” In reality, the caller stumbles and mumbles, and eventually receives a hang up from Star. Another caller says that there’s no room for forgiveness in Fort Worth. Star extends his hatred for the neighbor who should have had situational awareness of cars in the driveway, the young nephew, and the college educated woman. The caller wants to talk LeBron. But he skips over the fact that LeBron is siding with an oppressive, authoritarian regime. Ronnie takes over the line once the caller puts down the phone. She says that you don’t always have to be forgiving. Another caller reverts to the LeBron story. He holds that the NBA bright spot is a hypocrite and a “dunce cap dummy.” The caller finds him to be a joke. “There is room for forgiveness” the caller says. Mr. Troi Torain says that he handles his show on a level of allowing people to “gather their thoughts” and not forgive them.

The state can, according to a new caller, commute cases and forgive individuals based on evidence. Caller says that LeBron came out against the protesters in Hong Kong. Star corrects himself in regard to Shaquille O’Neal starring in the film Kazaam (1996). A Cash Apper also offered the Hater assistance in regard to Michael Jordan headlining the film Space Jam (1996).

Ronnie signs off from the show and Star then goes over some Super Chats and Cash Apps. Caller wants to know if Ronnie does the “rub and tug” during the show. As Star shuts down the show, it appears that he is greedy and money hungry, which are both admirable traits. He wants to not only reap the dollars, but allow people to express themselves. This is a hallmark of the Hater. And it’s one of his most valuable characteristics.

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