Suppression of Black Creative Minds

“How our creativity is often suppressed.”

Suppression of Black Creative Minds

Over the course of years, black culture has taken over dramatically. Everything about our music, art, movies, businesses, literature, pretty much anything we create becomes a masterpiece within the eyes of other African Americans. However, most people aren’t able to express their true talent due to multiple reasons. We’re living in an age where discrimination, poverty and racial tension is at an all time high, positive reinforcement for blacks in America are crucially important.

“Growing to Express Our Talent”

I’ve always had a problem with certain public school systems and the way they educate their students by using standardized rules and regulations. Graduating from a public school in Tennessee, I’ve learned that students with certain gifts and talents aren’t able to express themselves the way they would like to. The reasoning for that is lack of motivation and rejection. As I was taking an art class in high school, I saw several students who truly had a passion for drawing and making things. I was amazed by the amount of energy and time spent on each art piece.

I’d often ask them, “Do you draw often?”

Most replies would be “Only in class.” In Tennessee and surely in other parts of the Untied States, there are artistic private schools to help students gain an education while being engaged in the arts. These schools accepted students under certain requirements and cost a good amount of money to attend. A good amount of the students from my public high school wouldn’t meet the “requirements” for admission. However, a lot of students could have attended these artistic schools. It’s all about being molded and pushed to follow your dreams and express your creativity. If the parents or guardians at home aren’t engaged in the students life and interests, then the student’s motivation to actually partake in thus activities are suppressed by the lack of motivation.

A lot of people (including myself) fear rejection. The thought of being turned away because of performance, ideas and opinions is terrifying to think about. Truthfully, everyone should be able to express themselves through whatever talent they have. Don’t get me wrong, there are extremely talented black people who absolutely excel at their talent.

It’s just a matter of accessibility and motivation. There shouldn’t have to be certain requirements for a student to attend a school to help discover their talents. There needs to be more artistic and open minded programs and classes available to public school students. There is so much untapped potential in people because of the lack of motivation and resources. If a powerful black mind comes up with something, the world can be changed by it.

Aside from artistic talent, there are so many other ways black people can show their potential. Growing up in Chattanooga, I saw a lot of children being pushed into sports. Sports the children didn’t want to play but the parents forced them into. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of our star athletes are black but some parents are ignoring the other talents they might have. Weather it be in the classroom, holding an instrument, on stage or behind a pen, black students are just as capable of succeeding just as any other racial group. However, when students do get a feel of something other than the norm, self confidence and even shaming comes from those their around. It becomes socially endearing for students to accept their talents and even practice them. Economically and financially, it’s a burden to the parents unless the services are free to the students. There are brilliant black musicians, artist, athletes, writers and creators. We just need to stop blocking the ones who have potential that can’t quite reach it yet.

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