Stand Up for Your Rights

by Love Life 2 years ago in activism

We the People have the voice and the choice.

Stand Up for Your Rights

What can one say about life? How do we measure our lives? Is it by our bank accounts? Is it by the amount of friends we have and our overall sense of popularity? Is it by the type of car we drive or the size of the house we live in? Truth is that it varies from person to person.

We have come to a point in history where people are no longer defined by their character and core values. In my opinion, this is why we have been overcome in our governments by tyrants, vermin, and phony hypocrites. We have a community of so-called leaders who have forgotten that America was built for the people and not the government. Our very Constitution was put in place so that we the people could protect ourselves from the tyranny of oppressive government. The freedom of press and speech and the freedom to live in peace and unity has been systematically shattered under the mirage of what our forefathers once built. We the people have all the power but slowly it has been stolen from us. And the worst part is that it has been taken from right under our noses with our permission.

We live in a world of censorship and sugar coated dictatorship. The politicians in this country have taken our human and civil rights in order to make their own pockets fatter. They use the media, television, and many other influences in their plan of cultural conditioning. They have made life in America a constant rat race for a prize that doesn't exist. A prize that we already had but they stole from us. Many good men and women have died to protect us from such tyranny and oppression, but now the battlefield is not in some foreign country or in the form of an obvious enemy. While we are being brainwashed and occupied with arbitrary tasks and agendas there is a battle going on behind the scenes in court rooms and political platforms. We have been divided in cause and heart as a people.

This nation was built and stayed great on its most fundamental attribute which is unity, love, and support of its citizens. It was our faith and love that once united us that we can see slowly deteriorating right before our very eyes. We have given our core values and our basic freedoms to tyrants and hypocrites in exchange for an elaborate yet false sense of joy and security. And the saddest part is that the common people, you and me, are the determining voice of who controls our society. We are the ones who elect these wolves in sheep's clothing into public office.

We must realize that there are two classes in this entire world, the elite and the common people. We must stop electing these pompous idiots to save us from a danger that only exists because they created them for the purpose of controlling the masses through fear and intimidation and start thinking for ourselves. If you vote for these arrogant pricks then complain about them later then you yourself are a hypocrite. We need more people in office who know what it's like to walk in a normal nine to five working environment. People who know what it's like to not have and are willing to sacrifice for the common good of mankind as a whole. We need more people who are willing to stand up and say I fight for love with love and without prejudice. We are all human beings and we all must stand together to for the betterment of humanity or we will all fall under the iron fist of oppression.

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