Speaking in Hypotheticals

The Wave of Change

Speaking in Hypotheticals

There is a political tidal wave just on the horizon. Most people have seen its effects already, as the waves preceding have begun to change the landscape. This wave is made up of the faces and voices of the newest generation of American, the Millenials. These kids, age ranging from forty to eighteen, have recently come of age in the political scene and already their voice is being heard.

The most immediate change this generation has spurred was same-sex marriage and the follow on LGBT policies. Not only was this generation polled at supporting same-sex marriage at sixty-one percent in two thousand and eleven, it has even spurred on the transgender movement with battles starting on bathroom usage and sports participation. Most of these policies have just started at the local and state level of government, but they have quickly gained national attention thanks to another Millenial tool, social media.

Another big impact Millenials is one where they withheld their power. This was the Presidential election of two thousand and sixteen. According to the voting polls, only half of the Millenial generation even showed up to vote. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but this past election was the first where the Baby Boomer generation did not have an outstanding majority vote. And of the Millenials that did vote, over half voted for Hilary Clinton. Even now their voice can be heard on social media, firing shots at the current President Donald Trump. Little did they know, all they had to do was show up to the voting booth and they might have gotten what they wanted.

Now, none of this information is new to most people. But one down side to this generation is its rebellious nature. The majority of the topics it has attacked were major points of contention for the Baby Boomers. But other major issues have fallen by the wayside, such as environmental protection and recycling. Once, these were focus points for our nation and still are in some regards. But the majority of efforts to produce fully electric cars or renewable energy have been put on the back burner for civil rights.

Another challenge this generation faces is how susceptible to manipulation using social media. This can be seen in how quickly simple rumors, such as celebrity deaths, were quickly given credence and spread throughout the nation. This effect is similar to the old telephone games played in schools. One person starts a rumor, this rumor goes to another person who changes the facts, intentionally or unintentionally. This can change the rumor to something harmless or negative. Either way, what can be a major incident in another part of the world can be washed down, or a minor incident can be blown way out of proportions.

Now, none of this is new information to anyone. But the possible effects and problems that this generation will develop are largely being ignored. Outside of the social media challenge and the rebellious nature of the generation as a whole, it has also displayed ignorance outside of its focus. Similar to how the great detective Sherlock ignores simple facts such as the earth is round and orbits a star. While this has led him to a great detective, this type of focus for a group of people, especially a group of people that will eventually have to lead others.

These effects are just the ripples this generation created in the future of this great nation. Other, smaller effects, that can be seen is the attempt to push humanity out among the stars with missions to colonize Mars, the almost rampant advance of technology, and even political censorship and public awareness. The tidal wave is just there, ladies and gentleman, and for better or worse it will affect the generation to come afterward.

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