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Speak Up
Where should we start?

The issues recently in the world have been about climate change and the effects of it have been horrendous. I have a strong belief in producing a greener world, but while the world is fast-paced and growing, we need to catch up with the damages that have been done for years and we need to focus more on how to fix the damage we have done.

1. If phone and vehicle technology is being innovated so fast, why can't technology for cleaning up garbage in oceans and general areas be just as quick? Each year these technologies are always being upgraded to the “latest year model” and society always wants to have “new” products. An idea could be, using apps to help with the climate change issues and giving a chance for individuals to help. Mixing technology can motivate more people to focus on the issues.

2. We should be bringing all world leaders together to share the ideas and technologies that have been used in Europe. Sweden is a great example, the focus on the environment is very important; they have a specific government agency for water pollution and have a separate agency for issues surrounding the land. Most of their energy is from bioenergy, wind and solar panel sectors. The focus of recycling has been innovative, with aluminum cans and PET bottles ( which is a type of thermoplastic mostly found in clothing) being able to be recycled. They have invented Passive houses, which are powered by the heat of people, sunlight and electric appliances.

3. The focus should be on making products that are environmentally friendly and affordable for society to afford. Most products that are cheaper to make; are cheaper products with not as much care put into it, but if we charge the same as affordable products we will, in the long run, produce more money and create a more sustainable world. For example, toothbrushes made out of bamboo should be the same price as a plastic one. Media can be an indicator of sales increasing, If more commercials and social media were focused on natural products than more people would be engaged with helping the earth.

4. I think it would help if the world learned more traditional ways from Indigenous Peoples and Nations tribes and Indigenous Peoples from all around the world. The reliance on synthetic and petroleum-based products ( i.e. plastics) must stop, with a focus on naturally deprived products as an alternative as we transition away from plastic. u Plants such as Yarrow are used for stings, insect bites and sores, so it can be used instead of afterbite. Rat root is used for coughs, colds, and strep throat, so instead of going for medication from a doctor and eating surgery filled cough drops, this can be a better solution. Sage/goat sage is used for migraines, instead of using Advil or Tylenol. Birch can be used for blood purification, fever, instead of using medication from the drug store. Wild strawberries and the use of the yarrow must be used together and will help with insanity and diarrhea.

5. Focus on a healthier way of creating and using energy. Instead of coal for energy, why not start focusing on Biochar? Biochar is a type of charcoal and is a healthier type of energy. A start could be producing healthier fuel for filling up vehicles. Biofuel known as "Green fuel" is made from plants and animal waste.It can omit less GHG (Greenhouse gas) and conserve natural resources.Other ideas of alternative gases are electric or hydrogen fuel cells . Hydrogen fuel cell energy is converting chemical potential energy into electrical energy.

Christine W
Christine W
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