Shifting The Paradigm

by Amber Jessup 3 months ago in humanity

A spiritual call to retire capitalism and implement more love.

Shifting The Paradigm

The structures that we’ve so heavily relied on to keep everything afloat is no longer suffice and Spirit has asked us all to use this time to reflect on how those structures have elicited behaviors of egoism.

Egoism: an ethical theory that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality.

Interestingly enough, the systems we currently have in place avows for societal repression and further insist on the notion that greed & self-centeredness is the way. When coupled with systematic processing, egotism becomes Capitalism and as of now, we are unnecessarily suffering from its affects.

Capitalism works primarily on fear based living and acts on the belief that everything is limited. This framework is what keeps us at soul-sucking jobs, living in debt, paying taxes, identifying social classes, etc. During this time of isolation, I've come to personally recognize particular instances where companies and Government officials alike are bending rules, agendas and objectives that seemingly would enable 'negative impact' towards its workers and business models (or the reason why they created them in the first place). Exceptions to a 'no work from home' rule are in fact being ruled out and in the case of limited state funds, well, we'll see just how 'limited' the state claims to be.

Kind of makes you think -- how justifiably inapt these 'rules' are anyway? Are these rules created purposefully, are they made up? Are these rules just for the sake of selfish preservation?

In the coming weeks, I think we'll see just how permissive the guidelines are going to get. Either way, there seems to some merit towards the makeup of the impediments society so naively follows. Makes some question how viable the capital direction really is.

To continue to stick to a made up system of rules is to curate your own suffering. -- Amber Jessup

Although detrimental, the Corona virus has single-handily unveiled how feeble, flawed and unethical the paradigm is in which we lived in. It's the 'rules' of it all that constitutes in what I call fear feeding and strangely ties into making people grab a shit load of toliet-tissue at the stores. No pun intended.

Despite limiting constructs, I'm proud that we are all awakening to the real and true guideline of them all-- we all are ONE- no matter race or religion, social class or status.

Spirit wants us to keep in mind that there is enough and that we are fully supported.

It's time to retire the old way of thinking.

Let’s get back to LOVE.

Amber Jessup
Amber Jessup
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