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Several Russian guards were killed when Ukrainian special forces raided a Russian prison: five big fish managed to escape

by Nares Lapoiya 7 days ago in defense
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Media reports say special forces from the Military Intelligence service of Ukraine's Defense Ministry have carried out a raid on a Russian prison in The region of Helsune.

Media reports say special forces from the Military Intelligence service of Ukraine's Defense Ministry have carried out a raid on a Russian prison in The region of Helsune. With the support of local Ukrainian guerrillas, Ukrainian special forces managed to pass through the minefield outside the prison and enter the prison. In the fierce gun battle, a number of Russian guards were killed by surprise.

Special forces of the Ukrainian army successfully rescued 5 captured Ukrainian vips from the prison. But the Ukrainian military did not say who the five key figures were. Some analysts say it could be captured Ukrainian army officers and Ukrainian Security Service intelligence agents. Ukrainian special forces seized AK-100 assault rifles and other weapons during the battle.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry's press service said five people had been rescued and one was in critical condition. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian defense Ministry's press service said the Ukrainians were handcuffed at all times in the Russian prison. Some important people were often taken to torture chambers. It also demanded that they pay a ransom in exchange for their lives.

Ukrainian parliamentary commissioner Denisova said captives, both male and female, were forced to squat and have their hair cut off during interrogation to demoralize them. Other captured women were forced to work on Russian propaganda films.

Recently, the Russian army carried out a last-minute change of general, to General Muradov replaced the former commander of the eastern group army cluster Chaiko general. General Tchaiko was appointed commander of the Russian eastern cluster in early March at the last moments of the Battle of Kiev. It was General Tchaiko's careful planning that led to the safe evacuation of the main Russian army from Kiev into Belarus.

General Tchaiko and the Eastern Russian cluster then moved on to the Field of Igum, where they did not do well. This time it was a lieutenant general instead of an admiral.

The eastern cluster was also miserable, marching thousands of kilometres from the Far East to reach Belarus in mid-February. They rushed to Kiev at the start of the war, and there was a huge traffic jam in Kiev, a 60-kilometer long Russian convoy that was stuck for five days. Later, and caught up with the Ukrainian army constantly opened the dam was flooded.

Then there was the incident of digging trenches in the Nobel radiation zone. It was the eastern cluster that was ambushed most by javelins and iron fists in the forested areas from Belarus to Kiev.

After a difficult crossing of the Teterev River into Belarus, the rest was still in progress. He was sent to the Ijom front to launch a major offensive. In a major offensive operation, the eastern cluster of the 35th Army was bombarded by Ukrainian artillery on its flanks for more than a month. The north Donetsk foray failed again, losing one or two battalions of their main heavy weapons.

Now Putin is finally fed up and has replaced General Chaiko. Lieutenant General Muradov was a reconnaissance battalion commander in the fight against Chechen guerrillas in Dagestan in 1999. During the second Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020, Muradov commanded the Russian peacekeeping forces.

This was the first time that General Muradov had commanded a group of soldiers in a regular battle. The commander of the central cluster is General Lapin, and the commander of the southern cluster is General Surovikin, the air force commander. Lieutenant-general Muradov had the lowest rank of the three groups in which Russia fought. It will be up to Lieutenant General Muradov to see what he can do.

One of the biggest drags in the russia-Ukraine war was Russia's air force. Russia is a big air force. Su-30, Su-34, Su-35, Su-57 are all famous. As it turned out, the performance was not satisfactory.

A Russian Su-34 platypus fighter-bomber has crashed in Luhansk oblast, bringing the loss of Russian Su-34 fighter jets to nearly a squadron in Ukraine. The amazing thing about this story is that the Su-34 was shot down by the Russians themselves. It can be said that the Russian air defense radar system, identification friend or Foe system and so on again exposed problems.

After all, the Ukrainian Air Force didn't have su-34 fighter-bombers, so how did the Russian radar get it wrong? The Su-34 fighter-bomber is a new fighter jet costing $40 million a piece, and Russia doesn't have many of them - just over 120. It hurts Russia to lose so many!


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