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Senator Tim Scott

by Thomas Neal 8 months ago in politicians
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Political Pawn??

Senator Scott, they say representation matters. It is a slogan that has now, more than ever become more prevalent with greater meaning. However, you sometimes have to wonder who that representation is for. Back in April the State of The Union was delivered, however, was more attention paid to the Republican response to President Biden’s address that the actual address from the black community, but why is that. The simple answer, representation. In that response we saw a Black Republican Senator from a Southern Republican state represent himself as strictly a politician, maneuvering himself into position that favors his political agenda. There are many reasons why he was given the proverbial “side-eye” from the Black community when it was announced that he would give the response, because to the Black community two words that don’t go together are Black and Republican. We assumed, that before the response was even given that it would not be in line with what “we” believed. What was at issue was not his political party, but strictly his position, his stance. There was a “line in the sand” drawn, and he chose his side. With the response he assured everyone who witnessed it that partisanship won out over common sense.

I will not call the Senator names or assume the nature from which he drew his comments. I will however, through this response only hope that the Senator indeed understands that representation matters. He is indeed representing his party, but also representing for the little black boy from a single parent household that anything is possible. Senator Scott, please understand that it is perfectly acceptable to be the new face of the Republican Party after the turmoil of the past 5 years, but not at the expense of common sense and self-respect. Senator Scott you have introduced and sponsored a number of pieces of legislation aimed at curbing racism in America but stated in your response that “America is not a racist country”. Senator Scott, you are correct, America as a whole is not a racist country, but racism still exists and is still an issue, which you obviously know by some of your actions in Congress. There is not a referendum specifically on the Senator, but on the platform from which he chose to make his stand. The people in your party don’t see you as there equal but as a bridge to the black vote. A way to make the Black Republican voter not seem like an outcast and more like a new wave in political ideals. Not because the plight of the Black Republican is understood by the Republicans in power, but to help stave off a so called “blue wave”. An attempt to revive a Republican Party that was fractured by Donald Trump who failed to lead and only succeeded in ensuring chaos, which was enabled by the vast majority of Republicans. Senator Scott, I am here to inform you that you can have it both ways, you can stand by the morals which you seem to believe your party still has while ensuring you are not used as a pawn in a political chess match.

I originally wrote this opinion immediately after the Address but I held off with the hopes that with a new administration Senator Scott would push to distance himself from the policies of a party that do not have the best interest of his constituents at heart. What made me decide to publish was the fact that Senator Scott decided to side with his Party in voting against the infrastructure bill. A bill that would have clearly benefited his state. So with this, I ask the question, who is Tim Scott representing, because it clearly cannot be the people who voted him into office. Your loyalty should be to the people, not the party.


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