School Shootings

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2018 Kids and Bullying

School Shootings

So I saw not too long ago about the school shooting in Texas. My thoughts and positive vibes go to the victims and their families. I don't even know where to start on this issue. Honestly. It saddens me to hear that there have already been "22 school shootings where someone was killed or hurt" as reported by Saeed Ahmed and Christina Walker in this CNN article.

It just makes me sick to see that this is the way 2018 has gone so far. I don't know what makes these kids think it's a good idea to go and shoot up a school. I understand that students get bullied and it makes them angry and they don't know what to do and at some point they just get fed up, but what I don't understand is why people have to sit there and bully in the first place. I understand you have things going on at home and you don't know how to deal with them and you take it out on other people to make yourself feel better and that's sad that that is how you choose to deal with that, but it's not right. You're sitting here pushing your issues onto other people only to make them feel worse about themselves, which causes them to lash out at everyone else and then things like this happen.

Santa Fe High School in Texas

Student walked into art class and yelled "surprise!" and started shooting.

I don't think the students at these schools understand how much this really affects the people around them and the people they pick on. And no, this is not to say that the fault of these shootings falls on all the bullies of all the schools in the world, but this is a big part of it. You sit there and pick on someone for being different from you or having different views than you and then you wonder why these things happen. You wonder what can make someone so pissed off that they would lash out like this. You're the ones who make people want to kill themselves and they decide that they want to take everyone else out instead or out with them. This is not even the middle of this year and there have already been this many school shootings, and it's sad and sickening. This needs to change and these schools need to find better solutions to stop things like this from happening. And no, I do not mean by building your school to have only one entrance/exit to the school. The entrance and exit being the same door. Are you stupid? You do realize that all a student would have to do is walk in with a gun and block that door. No one else will get out and no one else will get in. I'm sorry, but that is just purely idiotic. If you really want to protect your students, why don't you stop the bullying that happens in your school?

No Bullying

The Real Solution

I always hear teachers and principals and counselors saying that they have a no tolerance policy when it comes to bullying in their school and that is absolute BULL! You know how many times I saw people getting bullied at my school and a teacher or principal would walk right by the situation and wouldn't say a DAMN thing? ZERO TOLERANCE MY BUTT! I've been bullied before and walked up to a teacher and spoke up. I even told my principal I was being bullied and they never listened. It never stopped, and the kids only bullied me more for being a "snitch." If you really want these kinds of things to stop happening, then you need to listen when people tell you they are being bullied. More than half the time people are being bullied now they don't say anything anymore because they don't feel safe enough to say anything. They feel like whoever they tell isn't going to listen and whoever is bullying them is only going to torture them more once they find out they said anything in the first place.

No Bullying Zone

This is what we need.

If you sincerely want to stop seeing these stories on the news about students shooting up their schools, you need to actually take action and take a stand against the bullying that we all know you know about. I know that you walk by and hear people being picked on and you don't take a stand against it. The students or faculty. You walk by and let it happen. You don't say anything to a faculty member and you don't say anything to the bully. You know how many times I was bullied and how many times I got bullied even more because I stood up against the people who were bullying my classmates? I got teased and picked on and I was still never afraid to stand up to the people who were bullying everyone else. More than half my high school was afraid of me because they remembered me from elementary school and middle school. And you know why they were afraid of me? Not because I ever became violent with them, not because I ever threatened them when they threatened me, but because I was not afraid to tell them I wouldn't stand for their crap and because I refused to deal with them bullying me. I was not afraid to stand up for myself and the others who were in my position. So if you want all of this tragedy to end, take a freaking stand and speak up. Stop the bullies and you'll stop the killing.

Stop the bullying and you'll stop the killing.

This is what we need. Speak out and you may just save lives.

How does it work?
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