School Shootings


School Shootings

The last time I made a post at this time of night after little sleep and meds, I lost a bunch of so-called friends. But you know some people think EVERYTHING is about them.

Anyway, here is what I think about what happened yesterday in Florida. My heart is broken, but it’s time we DO something besides send prayers. It’s time we call for, nay, DEMAND our lawmakers DO SOMETHING.

If you don’t like my opinions, that’s your right. But don’t come at me. Unfriend or unfollow me. Do us both the favor. I’ll go to my grave saying my kids are more important than any “rights” or sense of entitlement you may value. I promise however much you value that... I value the lives of my children a million times more.

So... what CAN be done? More hugs? (Holds up “Sarcasm” sign.)

Most kids need more than a timeout. They need a smack or 5 on their asses OR whatever works on them. Sometimes we have to be creative! My parents took away my makeup in high school, my dad bashed my Purple Rain cassette (Google it) into my bedroom carpet with a hammer and took away my car keys, all in addition to spankings. To say I was (LOL at the use of past-tense here) hard headed was putting it mildly. I turned out OK. I’ve never been to jail, have never been fired from a job, supported myself and now my family since the age of 18, and am a pretty decent mom and human being.

I think some people go overboard with physical punishment with their kids which can be part of the problem, too. But hell yes, too many parents want to be friends. I love my boys and they know it. But they also know I won’t hesitate to whoop that ass. Or worse, parents are afraid of their own kids. Nope. Your kids need to at least be a little scared of you. And teachers aren’t paid enough to REALLY give a shit about the kids that take “extra” time and attention. We ALSO need to talk to our kids and let them know THIS can be what happens to bullies or people who are just unkind. We also need to teach them that it’s not “snitching” if you could potentially save lives. If you see someone state they are going to commit an act of violence... believe them and SAY SOMETHING. And God forbid they are ever in a situation they should call 911 and give as much info as possible, text your parents, HIDE yourself, and be completely silent. If you can’t hide, play dead. I don’t care what you have to do. Don’t be a hero, come out if this alive!

However, as the daughter and former wife of career cops, I believe:

  1. If (IF) a child gets a gun from a parent/family/community member, the parent etc. should be charged right alongside the child (not just charged for a felony for making it accessible to them).
  2. In this case, he was legally an adult and able to purchase a gun. Our country has it all effed up. You can put your life on the line for your country at 18 (younger in some instances) and buy a firearm, but you can’t buy ALCOHOL until you’re 21? 18 is too young without at least a parent or some sort of reference of maturity!
  3. I am a gun owner and former card-carrying member of the NRA. BUT we DO need to limit public access (not police or military) to high capacity and semi-auto weapons. I’m not saying ban them altogether. I’m just saying make some harsher guidelines. Hoarding ammo can’t be controlled. Obviously, it’s not going to get them off the streets and keep people from doing this all together (criminals are going to get around the system always, but we can at least make it hard for them).
  4. NO NO NO loopholes for background checks, and ALSO mental health certifications to be able to purchase a firearm. Again, it’s not foolproof, but it’s at least an obstacle.

And finally... I said it once, I’ll say it a million times. When it comes to an American's rights versus my babies coming home to me safely from school every day... your argument is invalid. The safety of my children overrules your BS rights.

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