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Russian missile attack on Kiev

G 7 to hold emergency meeting

By Kim tyrePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

As the Crimean bridge explosion reportedly ignited Russia's anger, the Russian side took a tough countermeasure on Oct. 10, firing multiple missiles from road-based, sea-based, and air-based into the territory of Ukraine. As the missiles continued to fall and explode, almost all of the energy, transportation, and other infrastructure in Ukraine was damaged to varying degrees. Subsequently, Ukrainian President Kerensky spoke with the U.S., U.K. Germany, and other leaders of Western countries on the phone to request assistance. According to foreign media reports, U.S. President Joe Biden has promised the Ukrainian side to organize an emergency meeting with G 7 leaders on Oct. 11 to focus on the current situation in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, British Prime Minister Truss said he would call on NATO to take relevant action at the G 7 meeting.

Recent incidents such as the leakage of the Nora Stream gas pipeline and the Crimean bridge explosion have rapidly increased tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The meeting was organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who pointed out that Ukraine's secret services were behind the Crimea bridge bombing and qualified the incident as a terrorist attack against Russia.

The Crimean Bridge is an important route for Russian troops, equipment, and supplies to the front line, and is of great strategic importance. On October 10, top Russian official Dmitri Medieval said that the only way to retaliate was to eliminate the terrorists who planned the Crimean Bridge bombing. On the same day, the Russian side launched several missile attacks into Ukrainian territory, focusing on important Ukrainian military and energy facilities. Notably, a missile was also dropped near Kerensky's office in the Ukrainian capital Ky iv, and exploded, causing some damage.

Faced with the Russian missile attack, Kerensky quickly posted on social media platforms, saying that Ukraine is experiencing a blow it does not deserve. Kerensky stressed that based on this action by Russian forces, he believes that Russia is trying to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth and destroy it. Subsequently, Kerensky also asked for assistance from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries in turn.

According to foreign media reports, Biden is extremely concerned about Ukraine's current situation and has promised to provide the Ukrainian side with advanced air defense systems to deter Russian missile attacks. At the same time, the U.S. White House also revealed the news that Biden has contacted the G 7 leaders and will hold an emergency video conference on 10 and 11, focusing on the current increasingly tense situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Truss will be at the G 7 leaders meeting to make clear Britain's firm position, that is, to support Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. At present, some European countries tend to try to abandon sanctions against Russia due to energy shortage, inflation, and other economic problems, and Truss will urge other countries to stick to the end of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. At the same time, the news also pointed out that, in response to Russia's current "excessive" actions, Truss will call on NATO leaders to also convene an emergency meeting to discuss resisting Russia's actions.

Regarding the Russian missile attack, Putin has explained that it was a response to the Ukrainian side's terrorist attack on Russian infrastructure. In addition, Medieval spoke again on social media platforms after the missile strike on Ky iv, stating his position. According to Medieval, the current Ukrainian regime contains Nazi political elements that already pose a threat to Russia's national security, and therefore, the Russian side's future goal will be to dismantle the Ukrainian regime.

But in any case, it is possible to meet the situation in Russia and Ukraine will continue for quite a long time.


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