Russia Defeats ISIS in Syria

by Alexander Nevsky 2 years ago in defense

Bringing Hope to the Syrian People

Russia Defeats ISIS in Syria

A Russian coalition consisting of Syrian forces and their allies took over the last ISIS stronghold in Syria, the city of Abu-Kemal. The flags of Syria and Russia as a sign of their defeat of the last remnant of the ISIS forces in the country of Syria.

The strongpoints and equipment of ISIS militants in the area of El-Katya were destroyed. Six strategic bombers were bombing the terrorists near the city of Abbas in the province of Deir ez Zor. Six other Russian long-range missile carriers fired a group blow at terrorist targets near the settlement of El-Ishara in the eastern part of Syria. And on November 26th, Russian strategic bombers struck new blows at the positions of terrorists in the Dair al-Zor province.

Of course, the ISIS militants and FSA terrorists continue to resist in the north of Abu-Kemal, near the Euphrates river. In the countryside, and in the desert between the routes that connect the city, the radicals have nothing to cling to. In the city, a week after the end of the fighting, the Syrian soldiers are still celebrating their victory.

Now the fighting continues north of the city. The defeat of the ISIS terrorists, which are located between Abu-Kemal and Meikin, is a matter of the next few weeks.

While still a candidate, President Trump has said multiple times that he supports Russian presence in Syria. Due to the fact that the American and Russian coalitions were able to cooperate and work together, the ISIS threat is now contained.

During the Obama presidency, American presence in Syria has done little to nothing to contain ISIS, despite using multiple drone strikes. One of the many reasons for our failure in Syria was due to the fact that our government under Obama chose to help a useless "rebel" coalition which was supposed to fight against both Assad and ISIS, but instead we got a huge mess, especially when more than half of the rebel groups turned out to be allies of ISIS and Al Qaeda (The group responsible for 9/11). With all of these failures, our government under Obama continued to believe in a non-existent pro-western "rebel" force. Our country one time spent 250 million dollars to train 68 rebel soldiers, who all scattered at the first sign of the enemy, or some of them just joined ISIS. Because of this, U.S. efforts in the region were utterly fruitless until Donald Trump became the president, and changed the course of the war.

When the Russians came in to save Assad's regime at the end of 2015, that is when ISIS seriously started to understand what it means to lose. Of course, the Obama administration was not happy with the fact that Russian special forces and Air Force were destroying the so called "rebel" militants, who were in reality mostly allies of ISIS anyway.

It is really impressive that the Russians used a small minimal force to back up and support the Syrian Army in the fight against terrorist forces in the region. This shows to us how truly professional and the Russian coalition were in this entire operation. It is a shame how many so-called western media outlets have always underestimated the professionalism and tact of both Russian and Syrian forces in combat.

For now, it is safe to say that ISIS and their allies in Syria are done for since 98 percent of them are destroyed. The ISIS threat in Syria is contained, and the Syrian people with their leader Bashar Al-Assad may go back to restoring their country to the way it was before the war destroyed their homes.

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